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  • srmattu srmattu Aug 30, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Why this stock keeps going down for last two months

    There are no bad news. Why this stock is going down.. is it time to get out.. Appears something is going on...It held firm between 5.2 - 5.8 last one year and all of sudden it started going down.

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    • There are no bad news. Why this stock is going down ? :D

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    • You have 3 posts and you need to go back to the 2nd grade because your ingress is horrible. What do you know about investing, let alone biotech ? :)

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    • Told you guys he'd do it. Aspergers. Full. Blown.

    • Your concerns are 100% legitimate, and I too am beginning to question my investment. The company is great, solid financials, etc. But the market is treating this stock like a red headed stepchild. Queue beachbum here in a second to tell you how stupid you are for trying to remain unbiased. He will also say you're shorting the stock, stupid, etc. He is an idiot, please disregard what he says as he is full biased and blinded. Do your due DD and ask yourself "would I buy this stock at this price right now?" If your answer is yes, keep your shares. If your answer is no, sell your shares. Ultimately, the choice is yours and the outcome should be determined by your outlook for the company. I have a feeling things will turn around for them and their true value will show, but god, these last few months have been absolutely ROUGH! THLD, come on! Let's see some double digits!!!

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      • 2 Replies to matt1me0
      • My oh my mattomeo !!!! It's a SPEC BIO !!!!! If you focus on the pps and start making your investment decisions based on that alone and you are truly an investor, then your're just another sheep or lemming who is easily manipulated !

        Ask yourself this question instead. Why do SPEC BIOs shoot up so hard and crash to the ground so easily ???? It's because of idiots like you who do not understand the science, company, market, and future prospects !!!! It's called panic buying and Panick selling based on rumors, lies , and misinformation. If you truly have studied this company and have been invested for sometime, you'd still be confident in your investment . The only negative that has come out with any validity so far is the confounding crossover OS released from the phase 2b pancreatic trial at ESMO last year, and explained by the company. If you had half a brain and looked at it, you'd know it's nothing to be concerned about in the long run.

        Did you jump on the Incyte B. S. with their cherry picking phase 2a " SUB GROUP " OS with explanation slated for report next year at ASCO ????? Prime example of Big Boys playing games . If you bought Incyte, you better sell because if approved for pancreatic, it's not scheduled to be profitable in that indication till 2023. Ten years from now !!! Sheep and lemmings !!!! :D

        Oh, by the way !! Please share to the board what information you have to warrant the current downturn on this stock . Please share because your buddy AF can't even explain !! Ha ha ha

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      • You're both short so shut the h. e. l. l. Up . Bring back askdogcrap because he's funny. Your fake long charade is getting old. Everybody knows small potato cheesy hedge and MMs are making pennies everyday by selling and buying to each other. Green ink sucks wannabe laptop traders in for the small ride up, and red ink causes selling for " short " ride down.

        Barely 170,000 shares " traded " so far today ??? Ha ha ha ha. Get lost idiots, because the true investors of this company still holds their shares. :D

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