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  • francoisveillette francoisveillette Jan 7, 2010 9:00 PM Flag

    FDA decision 2/12/10

    Ultimately this stock price will go to $ 20-30
    when FDA decides on Acetavance.

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    • I say bump.

    • Dec 31 - 2008, FDA Approved Tramadol for Labopharm. Original schedule was for Jan 02 - 2009

    • Just look what happened with the trading in October when this drug came up for approval last time and the days leading up to that date showed selling and the price went down. You don't think someone got wind that the FDA was going to extend it's decision for 3 months? Come on! Please explain why CADX got absolutely no play going into the Oct deadline? You can't possibly be that naive and believe that news does not leak out.
      Otherwise this stock would of took off that week.

    • "more accurate theory...."?
      Since when do stories leak out a month before. Give me a break. It is far more feasible that the stock is being manipulated than someone in the FDA is leaking news. By the way, insider trading is illegal, so why would someone in the FDA do that? Manipulating stocks is legal.... its done every day.
      I believe this drug will be approved. Oh thats right, it already has in Europe. So what is the likelihood of the FDA passing it? Everyone place your bets. LOL

    • Its like asking the IRS for a 3 month extension when filing your taxes. If you submit them in a month instead of taking the whole 3 months the IRS doesn't care. It's the same way with the FDA.

    • I've been trading drug companies for years and this one has me baffled. I'm totally suprised that the FDA has even allowed the Name Acetavance to stay. The vance part of the name may be troublesome. I guess approval depends on how many indications we get approved for. If we get all 4 then I believe we will get a double. If we get restricted approval this may be all we see.
      It's definetly a Horse Race and we all bet on a closer.

    • That's what makes a horserace...

    • I don't believe that. The M&M's story about any stock going down is a common one. CADX is cheap enough that they don't need to use that ploy. I've owned too many stocks that while going down I was told that tale. Cadx was so beat up this last year I would of expected massive buying going into the final month before the FDA decision. I own close to 10,000 shares of this and if this is trading at it's current price or lower going into the last 2 weeks then I will lighten up my position as the more accurate theory would be that the FDA decision is leaking out and it's all not that rosey.

    • Appears the MM's doing their typical.....Loading up before the news...Hang tight...Don't let them scare you. They will purposely keep it down and scare to get your shares....Then let it go when they are ready...

    • Actually, I've seen it twice that the stock goes down just before approval. Once with ACOR in Oct, just a couple of days before the "date", it actually dropped 30% on some bad news but turned out to be BS. Boy did that rock the boat. As it happens, it was delayed till this Jan 22. The pre-committee recommended it 12 to 1. Now its been going up. Another was HGSI that I bought at 20 sold at 18 based on Anthrax drug ... it was a non event BUT the following week it jumped because of some other drug result. Dam it, its at 30 bucks now.
      I say stay the course and stick to your guns.
      Its Tylenol, why shouldn't it be approved? Besides its been approved in 80 other countries.

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