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  • tslm_1999 tslm_1999 Feb 9, 2010 10:24 AM Flag

    MM's sucking people in over $10 again..

    to help thier mutual fund boys dump more shares over $10 the volume pick up on the sell side again tomorrow, maybe even today!

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    • tslm

      You posted the following on a Delta Petroleum site last September:

      "Shorts spend every day looking for high precentage movers....and then come to the message board dogging it from any and all angles, most of the time first time ever even hearing of the stock."

      Thanks for the warning about you. We all know that we should ignore your posts.

      • 1 Reply to nohype88
      • But it's just so stupid it barely deserves a response. Funds move stocks, Jim Cramer moves stocks, not people with 300 shares looking at a Yahoo message board. That's like saying I'm going to sink Burger King because I'm going to stop by two of them on the way home tonight and tell the guy behind the counter how bad the Whopper really is. Pointless. Everyone reading this board added up together don't own 300K shares of this stock. A fund could buy or sell that in 10 minutes if they wanted to.