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  • jimichimmi jimichimmi Jan 16, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    6 hour stability will be problematic.

    PI states: "The product should be used within 6 hours after opening."

    This will cause problems in regards to pediatric syringes or for doses under 1 gram.

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    • That's funny. One day in the hospital is $10K. In the ICU it $20+. We throw away drugs, supplies in the millions per year at our facility. Unused. I guess you don't work in a hospital. $12 drug is cheap.

    • You are either ignorant or intentionally spreading falsehoods. First, on the cost side, at $12 a vial (give or take a couple of bucks on either side), an incompletely used vial will be a trivial "expense". Even if a patient was receiving four vials a day (the maximum allowed), you are taking about $48 dollars a day when the avergae daily cost for a hospitalized patient is often in the thousands. Second, re pediatrics, there are numerous therapeutic agents used (antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents,etc) that have very short timeframes for use post opening. These timeframes are well known and do not cause problems for hospital staff charged with their administration. You are trying to make an issue where no issue exists.