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  • attack212 attack212 Apr 18, 2011 2:19 PM Flag

    FWIW from a Clinical RPH ..

    I currently work in a multi-hospital system in the Northeast. I can tell you we can the drug rep in for cadence a few times and what I can say is this. The rep has been around for years with another drug company and now works for cadence. He already knows pretty much everyone in the system as far as who makes decisions for the drug formulary..etc. Our department has had internal discussions about this product and the general consensus (rather strong) is that the drug will do very well in the system. It gives the prescribers an alterntive to the opioids. we have many patients with opiod allergies on the med record and we are constantly calling and investigating the validity of these allergies. I can tell you from experience the surgeons do not care for this process much. They will prescribe IV acetaminophen in a heartbeat. Our lead clinical RPH feels very strongly about this product and we are difinately adding it to the formulary. As a side note many of our physicians have already voiced strong support for this product. The only downside I somewhat see is the logistics behind dispensing the product. We currently have Pyxis units and the room in the machines is somewhat limited and this is in a way a "big sized" product.. if the usage is what we expect post-op we have to move some stuff around.

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