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  • jmasi2750 jmasi2750 Jan 3, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    See earnings around 18 million for the 4th Quarter, guidance for first quarter 2013 $24 million

    I will keep saying this until the cows come home. Cadence will be a $20 dollar stock this year. Sales are growing at a 30% clip, and we have now surpassed 2 million in sales per week

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    • Not as positive about $20.00 this year as thats hundreds of percent above the current--but $10.00---yes I could see that this year? But the sales must continue to accelerate into cash flow positive ASAP!

      Still its ready to attack its 52 week high off depressed valuation! If successfulon the attack----this could be playing with $6.00 this quarter. IMO.

      Bad numbers reported could cause this to fall back too? its pretty clear the system for selling is partially on autopilot now and hospitals keep finding the advantages of this drug incorporated into their treatment regimens.

      And CADX has not penetrated into all hospitals yet.



      Sentiment: Hold