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  • footballsteelerrock footballsteelerrock Jan 25, 2013 3:18 AM Flag

    Best non-narcotic drug used for surgery

    I have worked in the Surgical ICU for over 15 years and have never been more impressed with a pain medication than Ofirmev. It works better than narcotics and you don't have all the side effects related to narcotics.. constipation, nausea..... I can not be more excited for the over all outcome for a patients recovery.

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    • Next resistance in 6-7 range, if we break that it will run back to 10. Clear fact: Ofirmev is a great product, for sure will be cash cow. CADX is starting to make some money, they need to let go all reps from "unprofitable" regions, cut more on district managers, and keep clinical associates. No any attempt to buy another "in hospital" product at this point. Work on Canadian approval. I am waiting, my ortho guys would jump in immediately as premedication, intra-op and post-op in PACU. Now they are all using oral acetaminophen, in my informal survey they would switch to IV as soon as available. Some big pharma might be looking at CADX. They should get shareholders rights and poison pill, plus have for sale sign with stiff price. By the way, is TD now long or gone under the rock?....