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  • stocker4949 stocker4949 Dec 10, 2007 12:21 PM Flag

    huge spread and tiny volume

    so much deception inside of our government and not to mention many dishonest politicians. Just need to be very careful the numbers and the reports that we are reading from.

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    • Terrible News! Things aren't dire enough to force the Fed into a half-point cut. No more than the anticipated inevitable-postponement actions will be taken. Market tanks on less than bad enough news.

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      • christ_burns_2yearolds christ_burns_2yearolds Dec 13, 2007 10:00 AM Flag

        I mean, I can understand the Fed, being concerned about inflation - but still lowering interest rates anyway because the Nasdaq was 40% off it's high, or 60% off it's high - but 5%? If the Fed is concerned about inflation, wouldn't they normally not lower interest rates? Unless there was a crisis? I understand the economy is strong - where's the crisis? I hear that some Liberals are saying
        that the poor and the middle class aren't feeling the good economic times - maybe the Liberals are right - the Liberals were right about Iraq, Bush, and Torture from the very beginning - major issues involving governmental power - so maybe Liberals are right. Maybe the Middle-class and the poor aren't feeling the economic good times. But I understand also, that due the the liquidity crisis, Rich Americans also are not enjoying the economic good times. Now let's see, that's the poor, the middle-class, and the rich all saying that the economy isn't strong, and the Fed agrees with them - doesn't agree with the "fact" that the economy is strong, doesn't agree with the stock market which was only 5% off it's all time high, the Fed says theres a crisis - now the Fed says they are very concerned about the possibility of inflation - but times are so bad we got to cut rates anyway. And the market freaks out, because it didn't get a bigger rate cut that the market knew it wasn't going to get in the first place.

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