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  • analyst112 analyst112 Dec 16, 2010 4:50 PM Flag


    Looks like a scam---huge insider sales just as they start a promotion--they were sellers at $1/shr two months ago. They have millions of shares to unload on you---77 million to be exact.

    Revenues $100,000/mo. and market value $130,000,000. You can do the math.

    I thought these guys all went to Vancouver years ago.

    Very sad.

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    • Good Luck!!!


    • chinese post was from 2009.down since then.sick of neg headers.

    • another short shill.subject has been flogged to death,and you bring it up 2 months later.find some new material.go back to your failing chinese housing project.

    • A felony? Really? Not in this country balt. 95% of the products in this country make exaggerated claims as to their effectiveness. As regards, ISCO, have you or someone you know tried the Lifeline product yet? Were you that unimpressed by it that you think their claims are false?
      As to the rest of your statement.... once I have a few years free I'll try to make some sense of it.

    • This going to go $.05/shr. They have nothing except a big promotion according to my Ph.D Biotech friend. What they promote is complete nonsense. If you smearing this crap on your face, you are the greater fool. BEWARE.

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      • Hey Analyst... if you use Analyst as your handle why not use it as a tool in your post? You say you have a Ph.d friend in biotech friend? Uhhh when did they start giving out degrees in Biotech? If ISCO has nothing why doesn't he go out and spell out why it's nothing? There is nothing like some facts and figures to back up a claim don't you think? And seriously if if ISCO truly has nothing I'g like to know the why's and wherefores of that.

        Of course if your just a basher who is seeing a short position get squeezed I guess we won't have to worry about a post concretely backing up your assertions.

        And yes I'm long and have a substantial part of my portfolio in ISCO.

    • I was wrong on the dilution. There are 143,000,000 shares not counting the Aspire offering, NOT 100,000,000. The market cap is $315,000,000.

      FROM S-4
      21,158,130 shares of common stock issuable upon exercise of outstanding stock options,
      4,130,000 additional shares of common stock reserved for issuance under various outstanding warrant agreements,
      20,786,800 additional shares of common stock reserved for issuance upon conversion of our outstanding shares of Series A, Series B, Series C and Series D Preferred Stock; and
      22,891,463 additional shares of common stock reserved for future issuance under our 2006 and 2010 stock option plans.

      The Aspire deal is really cool. They have their potential 20MM shares registered by ISCO. Every time the stock goes up on higher volume, they take more shares which they immediately sell for a profit. Thus ISCO does not have to have an offering, they just shovel them to Aspire who then dumps them on the market as freely traded shares. Clever!

      The dilution is 50%. So if they are selling $5MM/ quarter of product, the fully diluted earnings would be $.01/shr and that assumes they will not double their salaries. $5MM is a real reach--Mauldin will have to call all his whole email list and beg.


    • I DID tell you why you should own it.

      You can look at my post history as well. It is extensive with analysis of ISCO.

      Full disclosure: I own the stock since .50 with several adds along the way.

      You never commented on anything but the skin creme by the way. So, you don't understand the company at all or you have an agenda based on the timing of your appearance. I think you may find that there are some really good investors here at the Yahoo board and you may have run into more then u bargained for.


    • If you are so concerned do your own research. You sound like you want a free ride. And yes, you are wrong about isco...........

    • "These breakthrough serums, containing extracts from ”parthenogenetic” stem cells, were available only to individuals and organizations formerly identified and selected for their interest in innovative approaches to skin care." Nonsense!!

      According to Lifeline Skin Care CEO, Dr. Ruslan Semechkin, “Because the quality products Lifeline Skin Care offers are experiencing strong demand and the human stem cell extracts require innovative manufacturing processes, we chose to develop our sales channels gradually and incrementally."

      You bet-- we want sales to be slow that is why we have little sales and now we hire Mauldin, a washed up economist, to promote our creams.

      "Lifeline Cell Technology, is developing a line of cosmeceutical products via its subsidiary, Lifeline Skin Care." So they are cosmeceuticals--join the other 1000 makers of this stuff.

      Here is my guess how it works: They take a few female eggs and mix them in a vat of Alpha hydroxyacid. They then sell the gunk as a fountain of youth. All perfectly legal as they do not want to run up against the FDA.

      In these type of deals the greedy "venture guys' get on board to give it an appearance of ethics. All legal of course. The law firm dots all the eyes and makes sure all the filings are correct. Then it starts. The insider selling provides float because there was never an IPO just a reverse merger with a shell corp. Got to get a lot of stock out there so it trades millions per day. It gets attention and the public piles on. These are all symptoms (so are lots of company press releases--you know lots of news coming out).

      Do these guys have the fountain of youth--who knows-- but you have to use common sense to evaluate. I don't know and I have no motive except to warn you to ask a lot of questions so you don't lose your hard earned money. By the way don't bother calling the company to get any more info, the last thing they want is some SEC issue for making projections that don't appear.

      There are no shorts because you cannot borrow the stock. Only the market makers can go short. In order to cover they just call up the long list of inside sellers. The early guys got penny stock so they can sell without filing or sell under Rule 144--price and volume restrictions. Ah! lots of volume = more Rule 144 sales allowed.

      If this was valued at $10 million and you were early, then its worth a shot to sell to the greater fool. But $215 million is bit excessive for THIS!!! You are the greater fool.

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      • Hear ye, Hear ye, we have the balt bear of the ISCO board present!

        Your analysis is dead wrong and your latest post is laced with falsities. You come across alot like balt bear, except, your writing skills are much better.

        That tells me this stock is going alot higher after we consolidate.


      • Analyst112, Thanks for sharing your expertise. As I don't know you, I did a Google search on your name (w/ 'Yahoo') and see that you are in many stocks and generally on the long side. I always try to figure out motive, and from what I see, you are here to help people look closely at the issues here - that's pretty cool.
        Mauldin has definatley stirred up some interest. Have to admit, his newsletter soliciting a product caught me by surprise. Obviously, he has a lot to gain here, but I also did not think he would tarnish his rep by pushing a product that does not work. I think your may be right about it being a me-too product - that is the most rational explaination. I can't see the company with the fountain of youth being on sale for just over $2. Who is selling 3M+ shares (so far) today, anyway? Don't they know they have a billion dollar company? Apparently not all believe.

        Does anyone have a list of the active ingredients? Does it really have Alphahydroy acid??

      • You sure post a lot for a guy with no position. Do you just go from one random stock board to the next warning investors about doom and gloom? What a nice guy you are to save all of us from our own foolishness. How do we know you don't post for the short marketmakers?

    • I can hear the insider dump truck unloading on the greedy public. "automatic sale" get serious--it's every day except for the pause while the newsletter went out. Let's see those insider sales next week--that will be interesting. There are over 100,000,000 shares--count 'um in the 10Q. If you don't read 10Q's, you should not be investing!!

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