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  • baltbear Apr 29, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    time to average down?

    :"to turn a profit does not rely on "news" of any "real" nature, so as a young investor I attempt to trade/invest where the trend is my friend."
    but that's not "investing." --as u urself directly state:
    :" fact that next "news" (or whatever interested parties define as such) ACTC PPS will jump and I many will have an opportunity to start the game all over again?"
    of course u will... provided u don;lt believe a single word of what actc is saying.
    and provided ur in/out like mikey and a cloned sheep...
    the problem-- i note as a courtesy---is when one is "a young investor" the actual odds on wealth creation go down w/such strategies, in comparison w/grinding away, and havikng some loose change for chicken poop bingo and the like...