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  • baltbear Sep 30, 2011 6:12 PM Flag

    You Got This, Right?

    it's actually yahoo's thread (read the tos.)
    unless somebody is beyond any rationality, i read all posts..even when (sometimes especially when ) i know the poster is a punk clown, a liar,
    a schizoid koolade drinking cultist (see biotime. amex for text book example.)
    :"not due to anything that ISCO has done, but the market overall. "
    plus the filings, isco mgt sloppiness (steadily being corrected), and the bad taste left by the agora/cox pump machine.
    :"I'd like to see if this drops to the next line of support, which now seems very likely."
    i'm not much into voodoo, except within narrow ranges after thoro dd,
    where the dd can be recycled to trading profits.
    :"Still can't figure out your position though, Bear. Are you a buyer or seller of ISCO"
    clients in isco. (fd: clients in gern once it got 2 7/16 range, where it passed my filtres, still accumulating)
    cleints' basis currently just under $1.
    for a fuller whatever, feel free to see

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