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  • baltbear Feb 10, 2012 5:12 PM Flag

    Imminent Warrant Expiration

    good analysis.
    except there's nothing un-toward about any of it.
    this is the game.
    to put it simply if aspire can push isco into getting capital from it by keeping brookstreet on the will.
    the fact that this play might shaft various retail holders what?
    unless ur an aspire or brookstreet client, u get nothing to say about it.
    it's in isco's corporate self-interest to have the warrants strike..if the alternative is to issue shares < 9/16.
    one of the f/a reasons for creating wts is to reduce the number of necessary seats at the table.
    another is to ensure capital inflows to those making their milestones, since milestones are cheaper than tombstones.

    with all due respect, ever since that "thumb" thing came along, change is gnerally the result of gross manipulation.

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    • Thanks for chiming in Balt! I've appreciated your insight and commentary the last three years or so I've been following this board and was hoping you'd have a response for my rare post. I'm a pretty analytical guy but my professional field is (literally)rocket science which I find much easier, or at least more deterministic, than this stuff! Good to have a pro critique my less than totally rigorous swag made with very incomplete data.

      Been a long-term ISCO holder starting with the Brookstreet PPM over 5 years ago, have added on the open market with an average cost basis not too much above current pps. Convinced I bought and hold for the right reasons: believe in the science and biz plan (aka prospects for EBITDA as I've seen you reinforce over and over!). Just frustrated with the wild ride and downtrodden current state.

      Have you taken a look at Advaxis (ADXS) in the cancer immunotherapy field Balt? Very compelling story, science appears to be proving out, interesting biz approach to target partnerships for their different constructs once they've gotten through phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. I put some risk capital in there too applying my best due diligence efforts, would love to hear a Balt-take on it.

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      • baltbear Feb 10, 2012 9:59 PM Flag

        rocket science?
        "if i push on something reallllllly hard, it will wanna go away really fast. o crap: now i have to steer it."
        it's the same thing....:-) ...that "determinism" stuff keeps getting in the way.
        people keep mentioning adxs around me lately, but nope;havem;t even given it the 10 minute scan.
        depending on what part of "rocket science" ur around control systems and feedback and such is inside ur domain.
        at which point there's a guy named kelly from the 50s-60s ish who can comment mathmatically on equity games--tho i find his conclusions erroneous when directly applied to mkt theory.