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  • baltbear Feb 28, 2012 4:05 PM Flag

    picked up a few more

    @ >7/16.
    as i said some time ago, i want confirms from vol.
    this bite will not be long term, but trading to drop basis.

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    • Just reiteration of previous announcements with embellishments.

    • baltbear Feb 29, 2012 2:41 PM Flag

      conceited??? not at all. or i wouldna be here.
      nutjob? some might say--given how much rats' droppings i refuse to fall for when all the cool kids do.
      i will cheerfully concede to continually forgetting how little this game is understood by people who entrust their $$ to it, and thus having little time --other than when i see an obvious running error--to talking to people who insist on nonsense.
      "cogent" is a matter of reception, not send.

    • Hi Balt contact me

    • Balt you've been spot on with the volume indicator comments in the past, which is why I picked up around ~7/16 as apparently you did.

      One thing I'm curious for your perspective on: In the past few months I haven't seen the same type of heavy selling on a given day (around 400-600k shares) that tanks the pps. Do you think this could be ISCO not needing to draw down on Aspire as much due to revenue increases, or is it Aspire changing how they are managing their shares?

      I would like to hope it's because of revenue increases :)

      Anyways, thanks for your perspective!

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      • baltbear Feb 28, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

        i prefer to keep the math totally simple.
        1. isco has a burn rate, annually; howeever that burn rate can vary monthly as a "start-up" and until the 10k is out, there is no way to eliminate "one-time" capex from the burn.
        thus, it is quite possible that a lot of the aspire draw down went for large stuff that last 2-7 or more years. once done, the monthly draw can drop, regardless of revenue.
        2. aspire (if it is at all sane) has some kind of allocation tables. it totally wanted to own as much of isco as it could get for x dollars. however, it is unlikely to want that total to exceed y% of its overall port.
        if i were running aspire, i would be buying more than i wanted, then selling some long term when prices rise, since aspire also has a yearly burn rate, target roa, clients, etc. however, i'd be somewhat stuck, because isco's overall cash need determines how much i can buy.
        to make that "fair" aspire gets to game the stock against the market. so does isco, by sliming up its phone lines talking to mauldin, cox, etc. and having its i/r make a brief appearance here, then vanish once actual questions were asked.

    • Hey you consider this grossly undervalued or fair value at this time?

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      • baltbear Feb 28, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

        from my pov "value" is a word stolen from other domains and applied in the spirit of "but wait...if u call now we'll also send you..."
        that's "why" i wanted the vol confirm that it is maybe about to get ready to think about doing something with itself.
        the 10k will tell me about tangible book, i/p, sales, and o/s.
        the totality of circumstance tells me to be in before the 10k...moire than i am, for the sole purpose of redfucing basis after the disaster of allowing mauldin anywhere near it.
        with that, the same metrick i've beenusing to get what i call "par."
        compare contrast: apple is is wayy underpriced or wayy overpriced...
        using any p/b, p/s, free cash flow, whatever... apple stock ignores all that, and notices people buying more than they are selling..for no actual "reason."--other than the justifications people will apply later.
        as aaron notes, the actual science is thus far sound. more so in its markup... compare btx selling modified rooster combs made with a recipe the university of utah was done with....cos screams about the "breakthru" and nobody asks what $$ come to btx per procedure....if such procedures are ever approved-2-5 years from now.
        on isco products >>>in the phreaking mkt<<<< ruffly 60% heads back to isco (39% cos.).
        next question? how many units, rate of change on sales per month, retention, yaydyyda.... "business"--not "science."

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