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  • baltbear Mar 12, 2012 7:09 PM Flag

    making a move?

    well >>>>of course<<<< they were.
    don;t even need the dtc records, since they will be neutral.
    no doub t aspire has clients to which it can deliver.
    as a matter of public record, the sec was afraid it would not be able to understand bernie madoff's dtc records, so never asked to see them..... :-)
    which is to's just bidness.
    unlike a deathspiral where the taker >>shall<< get $xyz per quarter or month, and >>shall<< yeoild stock at 7/8 or whatever it printed at durin g the previuous 10 trading days.
    to which point, "isco" useed to be the ticker of a nasd:nm equity --illinois supoerconductor--wayy hi end rf filtre equipment useed by ohare airpoiort, pentagon, et al....the i/p of which is now part of the inventory of a cook county mall developer by means of toxic debentures meeting geek scientists. a tht peak it traded in the 20s.
    historical note 2: it was being pumped by some of the same "mob" backed brokers that touted btx at the same time.