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  • r42442 r42442 Feb 25, 2008 8:29 PM Flag

    ans. to Stinkie short

    That is a great idea to short now with over half of div. allready set back from last year.Yes the nav only went up 2.17 in down market wish it could have more. Div date comeing up so you pay div if you still short it's only 1.01 but on the one share you have it will not be too hard on you. Buyback money comes from the 548 million on exits. No comm. real estate.Sorry you may want to cover.

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    • Oil was 70 bucks this August. Now 100. Since then, nothing but talk of economic slowdown (should make oil go down in the real economic world), the dollar has stayed relatively steady against most currencies, we've entered the slow winter driving season in the US, we've had a reasonable winter weather pattern. So, I ask, what are the fundamentals behind a 50% jump in the price of oil? (300% in 7 years)?? Someday it will dawn on some that there was significant speculation in this magical price. When the speculators see a better opportunity to make cash, this price should go down, shouldn't it? Either that or the oil market really isn't buying the whole worldwide recession BS. Which one is it? Most of the rise in inflation of the past 3 months, IMO, is due to the 50% jump in oil price, reflected in food, etc... I could be wrong, but...could it be someone is screwing with us through the oil price at a time when our economy is fragile? I don't know, but I sure have lots of questions right now. Those with plans to sustain high oil prices through production cuts, however, at a time when our economy is in trouble certainly shouldn't be counted among our friends. Personally, I think a patriotic administration should pick this time in history to AT LEAST threaten to release oil from the strategic reserves. I think you would see 70-80 bucks a barrel the following day. All JMO of course.

    • Good note, thanks. Stinky might be the last of the 5 star crowd I put on egnore. It sure cuts down the notes and the stars.

      Now I am weighing a past good statement he made recently and the one you mention, and for all the reasons you state, just pure dumb.

      Good luck to all.

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