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  • beingleftisnotright beingleftisnotright Aug 18, 2008 11:30 AM Flag


    “I must confess that I am spending an awful lot of time thinking about Barack Obama. I hasten to add that it’s not, as is the case with Chris Matthews, because the Senator sends shivers up my leg. Rather, it’s because I simply can’t figure out how he’s managed to convince so many people that he should be the President of the United States... To be perfectly honest, I invariably feel that way about the candidates the Democrats try to foist off on us. But, as a rule, guys like Dukakis, Gore and Kerry are just typical party hacks. But at least none of them attended a racist church, they didn’t associate with known terrorists and they usually didn’t display their contempt for national symbols and the U.S. military quite so blatantly. Liberals have tried to convince me that Obama is brilliant. I find that odd because he has said that there are 57 states, that JFK got the Russians to remove their missiles from Cuba by sitting down and chatting with Khrushchev, and that Iran doesn’t really constitute an actual threat because they don’t spend as much money on weaponry as we do. Funny, but ‘brilliant’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind. But what do liberals know? They were also convinced that Jimmy Carter was intelligent.” —Burt Prelutsky

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    • I agree with most of your monologue except thathe last statement . Jimmy Carter was intelligent. You dont get to be an engineer by being dumb.... or president.

    • fjbricl1 Aug 19, 2008 2:17 PM Flag

      You should vote for McCain and enlist when we go to war with Russia, Iran, etc., etc. I would wait to see if he nukes the bas**rds, as you don't want to be there when that happens, although you will be listed as collateral damage. Birds of a feather should flock together. Go back to reading "Atlas Shrugged", and the daily spin, and don't let the ditto's get in your eyes. Long live Rush Limbaugh-fred B

    • Who cares how much time you spend thinking. Go to church and pray about it

    • Unlike the "originals" out there who conveniently show up an hour late to a political debate so they can know the questions ahead of time? JMO

    • It doesn't matter who becomes president unless you are a billionare or a bottom feeder you are going to get screwed regardless.

    • heard an interesting interview the other day. The guy was Jack Cashill, an author of multiple books and a former ghost writer. I hadn't thought of it when I read "racist dreams about my father", but once pointed out it was obvious. The tongue-tied idiot we see whenever the teleprompter is turned off could NEVER have written that book. It is just too "literary" in it's use of language. In fact, he pointed to no less a light than Toni Morrison as a possible ghostwriter. Apparently, for a couple hundred grand she has been known to ghostwrite before ( possible "Ali" among others ). The question is "WHO would drop 200K to have a biography of a totally unknown guy like BHO was then produced? Answer: his owners. He is as much a "product" and New Kids on the Block or The Monkees.

    • The republican candidates rehtoric is heavy with "I" statements ...I will make off shre drilling possible....I am a American Hero....I have this and that and I will do this and that...

      Statements like that are bound to alienate most of middle to lower income folks... the majority ( regardless of party)

      Obama for the most part talks in We can do... or you and I know or can accomplish such in such... His rehtoric is inclusive and genuine..... McCain comes off self serving...

    • 'how he’s managed to convince so many people that he should be the President of the United States... "

      Bush & Co have convinced so many people that a congential idiot can be president that that particular issue has been reduced to insignificance. Apparently the Republicans actually managed to come up with a new candidate whose grasp of reality is even more tenuous. If McBush were elected, the manipulators behind the scene would find it even easier to control the brain-dead occupant of the Oval Office.

      Unfortunately the alleged world's greatest democracy can only manage to come up with a choice between mediocre candidates time after time. In the case it's a metter of choosing who would be less dangerous. McBush is clearly a homicidal psychopath who would be controlled by sociopaths.

      Too bad "None of the Above" isn't a practical choice, but choosing McBush would be suicidal.

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      • i think the U.S. has very poor candidates from which to choose in the upcoming election and this country has a lot of tough issues ahead. considering the leadership talent available, we should have better.

        of the two, i will favor the one with the courage to confront this issues instead of burying them in the pablum of rhetoric and denial.

    • Reading this thread reminds me of why I will never vote republican.
      If Hitler was alive who would he vote for?
      Who do red necks vote for?
      Religious nut jobs?
      And how did a religious nut job ex alcoholic convinced so many Americans to vote for him?

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