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  • jeffy777 jeffy777 Jun 20, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    This to me is a good opportunity.


    This is a total risk move and I maybe crazy. We are now in good opportunity zone to buy some shares. Now is the time to buy and sell as it goes back up and hold some freebees. It is a scary move for some but this is where we can really make it. ;)

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Did that 3 years ago, now it may or may not pay off. If you had sold at $15, then the buy in level is fast approaching.

    • No guts, no glory

    • I don't consider buying ACAS at a 35% discount to book risky or scary at all. It is smart, plain and simple. I have been buying this stock at 30-40% discounts for over 4 years, then selling some off when the discount narrows. It will happen again, it is almost like clockwork.
      Also, consider that the true book value of ACAS is over $20 when you adjust for the inflated discounts on their bonds and European operation. Also, consider that the ACAS balance sheet has never been stronger.

    • So how many shares did you pick up? If none, than I don't think you should be touting others to buy. You know the old saying, "put your money where your mouth is."

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      • Exactly like Lenny's said.

        His stock isn't going anywhere north until after the next earnings call, if not later. There is just no transparency with this stock. Look how long it's been since the last operations business update! Where are the new deals?

        And for those thinking that dividends will do something, well I've got news for you. Without income, where the hell is ACAS going to come up with the money to pay you? If all they have is some existing debt they're relying on and no new debt financing, then guess what? Even if they did reinstate their dividends, then it's just going to be guaranteed negative dividend growth. Who wants to buy that?

      • Now That I like Most Sence I Heard All Day Len,They Just Have To Wait Till It All Settles.Its Not Good To Be The 1st One In Sometimes. Jeff Ur Doing It Again Ur Pumping Time To Man Up & Use Ur Ears More Than Ur Mouth.

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