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  • simple_mind99 simple_mind99 Aug 6, 2014 5:17 PM Flag

    Stock has gone nowhere in one year+

    Despite stock buybacks, rising NAV, it has gone nowhere. During the same time period, market has exploded upward. ACAS used to generate enough to pay 4 bucks a year in dividend, how about now? We all know the answer to that question. Other BDCs have recovered and produce income. ACAS management seems unable to procure stock price momentum through business performance, while the economy has recovered to a good extent. What gives here? Getting a little sick of sitting on a pile of stagnant shares. Management efforts also don't seem to be the most friendly to us shareholders. They can spin off all sorts of companies, but only plan to present a plan for restructuring "by the fourth quarter"? Really? Someone set me straight here, as this sucks IMO.

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    • Forgive me, but I'm wondering why you own it, if its so frustrating? To me, its amazing that it came back from a near death experience to be on the threshold of a value-unlocking reorg. True, I'm not getting the divvies that I received before the Bush-crash. But, I also got laid off then and am making less now, but own my own business. I also don't have the libido I had in my youth. But so what? Just like with love-making, stock-owning changes over time. And while I may not have as many fourth of Julys, I have a lot more Thanksgiving Days. I look forward to where a successful reorg can take us -- no fireworks, just a fab-o four-day weekend !

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      • Huh? Well, you get the award for looking at the glass being half full. Lots of companies were on the edge of a precipice in 2008... I guess I try to set the bar a bit higher. Plus, if the company was almost dead, as you say, that sure didn't impact management compensation, only shareholder compensation. Look, I buy into this company, it's a major holding for me. I would just like to see more clarity of plan. Feels like treading water to me right now. Hope I get proven wrong...good luck...

    • One year ago today, the stock closed at $13.06, today at $15.32 or a 17.3% increase. Not bad in my opinion. Two years ago it was at $11, three years ago $8.70 or so. Thats a 75% increase in three years.

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