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  • farva1024 farva1024 May 23, 2006 9:59 AM Flag

    rumor GOOG will buy SAPE outright

    on chatrooms now

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    • Good one VVTI. He/she is just a short, trying to pry your shares out of you hands.

      People who speak of cults, are usually the one's in them! LOL!

    • Same thing could be said to you, don't you think? Open YOUR MIND. Try being opened minded, come out of your 'short minded cult'

    • What's the problem? Kool Aid losing its flavor?

      You know, hearing a different opinion is not necessarily a bad thing. It can open your mind to new possibilities. Probably not fashionable thinking in a cult though, huh?

    • Yes, very good....NOW PLEASE LEAVE. Thank you!

      PS I wonder why anyone would listen to you?

    • I think you always, as a client, have to be very suspicious of a consulting company that can't make money. You hire them because they are supposed to be focused and very good at a small number of things(i.e. expertise). When they can't make money at something they are supposed to be experts at, you have to wonder why you listen to them about anything........

    • seehowstupidallofthissounds seehowstupidallofthissounds May 29, 2006 1:15 PM Flag

      >>My trouble is that, with a wife, kid, and obviously not travelling as much, is he relying on people nowadays... and should he be.<<

      He should be relying on people, just not the same ones who continue to drag SAPE in the same direction. He's got the same 10 - 15 people around him that he's had since day 1, and none of them are any more capable (or have any desire) to do anything different than they've done up until now. That is why the company needs the outside influence so badly, and is also why it will never get it. Nobody can crack that top 15 spots from the outside.

      >>As for the outside perspective, that's a tough one. <snip> can outside blood be successful or do you have to find the up and comer that has the right amount of drive?<<

      They need outside perspective badly. The up and comers have only worked at Sapient so they don't know anything else. They are likely to emulate what they've seen from their bosses, who are either leaving (so they leave too) or are old time SAPE (so they act just like the current management team).

      Any up and comer who have outside experience will always get boxed out by the people who sign the annual reports and have done so since the beginning.

      I can't imagine who would acquire this company. There are no hard assets, the brand doesn't mean anything, and the cash is dwindling to $0 at an accelerating rate.

      Good luck to the employees and shareholders.

    • I agree with you in that Jerry has been dedicated but I just cannot get out of my mind that he let the PGI aquisition get so screwed up. My trouble is that, with a wife, kid, and obviously not travelling as much, is he relying on people nowadays... and should he be.

      As for the outside perspective, that's a tough one. Historically, SAPE's success rate in hiring these types has not gone well. Look at the top level. Everyone has been with the company for a long time but that isn't because they didn't try external people. How many CFO's have they had? Paul Digiammarino ran north america? sandy devine ran financial services? i forget the list of many other names that came and gone. can outside blood be successful or do you have to find the up and comer that has the right amount of drive?

      my memory sucks but didn't digitas sell off some of their tech folks? again, not saying that this is a direction that sape should / can go in.. but could they sell off their tech and focus in on media? that's what they got from the studio archetype, elabs, and pgi aquisition, isn't it? is it jerry wanting to be the artsy type?

      hanruolang: as for your comments around incentive and ego. absolutely. that's PROBABLY why they have been engaged for the last 5 years. HOWEVER, if you weren't terribly making any traction, would you continue to be motivated?

      you'll also note that jerry and stu did have a second opportunity to take money out - there was a secondary offering - don't remember exactly when it was but i want to say it was probably 1999. clearly, they and their future generations will not really need to look for money. jerry with his california malibu joint and stuart with his mansion by the sea (or his yacht).

      i again wonder... jerry is building his family... stuart has what? 3 or 4 kids? what are their priorities these days? staying until 1 in the morning prep'ing for a RIP/fusion or getting home to their family?? 10 years ago, easy answer... prep'ing for the RIP... nowadays? dunno...

      of course, you could point to the flip side. jerry probably does get a kick from running a public company... what would he do if the company was aquired? that would be a sight... jerry working for someone... not very likely...

    • Dicks like you are really funny. All you types posting on Yahoo and sounding like you were sitting in the boardroom discussing things with fellow board members. It is some fantasy world isn't it.

    • Dearest Colleagues:
      Greatest motivator for senior management is watching their vested interest in SAPE drop from over $1B to less than $100M each (Mr. Stu and Mr. Jerry). Granted the big cats all took out $100M out after the IPO but that's still got to hurt in any language. As a long I only hope things will work out for a small humble return for us little folk.
      Kindest regards to all learned colleagues
      Uncle Han

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