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  • ja_0718 ja_0718 Jun 5, 2006 1:14 PM Flag


    They treat their american employees poorly.

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    • Interesting that you bring up Mark Cuban. The other name that should ring horrors to Jerry is Eric Greenberg. While Viant and Scient are no longer around, the amount of money Eric made compared to Jerry is... well... quite astonishing. He may have gotten lucky...

      Anyways, I listened to Jerry's pitch during the Bear Stearns conference (webcast replay). Pretty much said the same thing but, in some respects was rather defensive. I would characterize it as Jerry "coming clean" as he admitted that there have been internal business execution issues. He did say that execution for their clients remained on target and unwavering. I find the two are so connected that I really have a hard time believing the latter.

      I also find it interesting that Bear Stearns upgraded the stock yesterday to essentially a peer perform. I still think that there is additional potential for downside - meaning that i do not see their growth meeting or exceeding their peers. So, if you take the upgrade for what it's called, I just don't buy it. This is a falling knife, folks. It hasn't been turned around, yet. Whether that "yet" becomes reality before they run out of cash, remains to be seen.

    • Guys,
      How many times have you seen this? 2 smart guys start a company and they fail to take it to another level. Take a look at PRSF.PK and this is the same LEADERSHIP Philosphy and it failed. 2 smart guys YADA YADA YADA...
      Good leaders surrond themselves with people better than themselves and empower them to succeed by LEADING. Egos and the dollar dollar bill get in the way. At this stage it is more than dollar, it is ego! Listen, the company is not that bad, but a strong wind has just come across the ocean and they have no idea which way to steer the yacht!
      What this company did well at one time was listen to their people and learn. What they do now is gather themselves in a room and listen to each other. There is a diffrence. As far as Jerry and his family, I am willing to bet they are living PHAT!
      Take this as you will. Look at Mark Cuban, just smart enough to give guidance and still be succesful.
      Peace Out!

    • seehowstupidallofthissounds seehowstupidallofthissounds Jun 15, 2006 4:32 PM Flag

      Jerry is fine? what does that mean? his wife and kids are well and he is healthy?

      If the people surrounding Jerry are weak it is precisely because Jerry is the weakest. He can't make the tough decision to move away from his buddies who helped him in 1991 but can't help him now. He is the CEO of the company. If he can't upgrade his senior management team, it is all on him. If he can't attract better people, it is because those people look at him and think he is incapable.

    • People you do not understand that the problem is 2 fold .Rates and culture. Not say that delivery is not there, because most of the time it is. The market is flooded with companies that offer services and solutions for half the price. I am not talking mom and pop shops, I am speaking of the IBM's and Bearingpoints. As far as employees, I interviewed a person that just left this compamy and ask why they left. She said because the model is moving more towards India. I asked again, and this lady said that the culture has drastically shifted to an almost anti-US status. Not sure if this is true or not, but the interviewee had been there for over 4 years. Take it for what it is worth.

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      • as for the employees, this shouldn't be surprising since their corporate wide turnover continues to be over 20%. sounds like culture is non-existant over there - while they may have some that do the rah rah, most people are looking it as hollow words and lacking credibility. they have pissed away the opportunity to really bring the company together and instead has breeded a culture of "what's in it for me" and "why should i sacrific my life and happiness for the company".

        as for the rates / price. i think they COULD be ok. again, there is plenty of business out there and it is hard to understand their fundamental execution problems. the could charge more in the long run but you have to be in the game to win the game. execution on sales AND project delivery appears to continue to have problems.

        it actually is surprising that they are not getting sued by their clients more...

        as for the joker that said "hey, looks like a breakout" (paraphrasing) - yeah, breaking out to the downside... having made a fresh 52 week low last thursday along with closing below 5 twice, i think it's first struggle to stablize will be to do so over 5 dollars.

        according to the yahoo news, Jerry is set to speak at the Bear Sterns conference. we'll see if there is any optimizim but after screwing up the PGI aqusition and those large contracts, people will be.. and should be skeptical until they see results... anyone who has NOT been skeptical... probably lost money on SAPE as an INVESTMENT in the recent quarters... sure, trading profits are possible but that's an entirely different game.

    • explain that please.....

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