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  • cutedaemoncall cutedaemoncall Jun 24, 2006 3:03 AM Flag

    hiring standard has gone par below

    hiring standard has gone par below the standards, they are not hiring the people from junior level to middle management who can do the tech stuff right for them.

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    • intersting jump on low volume. I guess speculators (or those in the know) are jumping in before earnings?

      I think with the delayed revenue from last Q they may surprise and beat 4 cents.

      It's definitely a "hold" right now, IMO.

    • intersting comments about hiring, but could u be more specific?

      Considering the strength of the overall it consulting market, it seems as though it has been hard for SAPE , like others, to hire enough people to meet the as demand. In the case of SAPE, because the stock has really underperformed, consultants who might have otherwise gone to work at SAPE, hoping to capitalize on option grants, have gone elsewhere.

      So is SAPe really compromising the quality of person they are hiring?

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      • So is SAPe really compromising the quality of person they are hiring?

        Yes, they are. as their win rate goes high they have to meet with demanding numbers. But they cant cope with the quality when they hire in such great numbers. Quality may go down up to to certain extent but you cant take it so down so as to jeopardise your business. It is quite unfair for thier old employees that company is spending so much in hiring new people in form of referral bonus, lucky draws etc but they cant pay bonus at the year, they cant pay the same amount to retain the people.. quite contradicting stand of the company.

      • Let me help out. They have been hiring a lot of college grads and placing them with senior level people. Not a bad model. BUT ...these kids do not know BUSINESS. Therefore the quality of their code might be great, but if you code the wrong requirement you are in trouble. I know I know.. That is where leadership plays a part, but you can not watch everyone all the time.