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  • jackie_jj jackie_jj Aug 29, 2006 4:14 PM Flag

    delisting- stock goes up, downgrade -up

    very strange.
    ever since the delisting notice the stock keeps going up, even today after downgrade it is up again. Not that i am complaining, but...
    anyone can explain this phenomenon?

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    • You ever notice when a stock is upgraded...sometinmes it goes down?

      Here is what I think is going on: Firms upgrade stocks that they or their clients want to sell. A downgrade means its really the time to buy. It doesn't always work like this, but in this case I think it is what is going on.

      Delisting....that is not going to happen. Thats just a formality. They'll get everything filed in time.

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      • if what you think is going on is going on... that's entirely illegal and against the governance of every financial firm out there. that's called stock manipulation, pure and simple.

        agree that delisting isn't going to happen... but it is interesting that it is being held over because of the internal probe... the longer they don't have an answer about the internal probe, the more people think that there is something going on. they likely will have something come out of it... they always do.

        the fact that the stock went up really doesn't mean terribly much - day to day fluxuations are going to happen. you see that it appears to be bound to a range. lehman coming out with a underperform rating is more like... "uh, duh, where have you guys been?". just as some would say that it is a sign of a bottom, others could also say that there are indications that the stock could go lower.

        with turnover continuing to be a significant problem - sorry stuart, you're fired. with an expected flat q2q number. with not particular catalyst apparent to investors. with competition executing much better than SAPE. what is there to be excited about?

    • tells me stock is at or near a bottom-"washed out" as they say.