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  • appearance_of_performance appearance_of_performance Oct 17, 2006 12:13 PM Flag

    blue? got screwed? hanroulang?

    1) Does anything think Alan can run this co?
    2)Where's Roy in all this?
    3) Plz comment on the dumb luck of Stu to leave before the bomb hit
    4) Plz comment on turnover..up/down
    5) Sales and BD. Impact on new buyers.


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    • What really is going on at Sapient? Only a few day before Jerry's departure, Sape global creative director Bill Whelan resigned, a real loss to the co, since he was the only legit leader they had in the marketing/advertising space. Look for more probs in their efforts to gain credibility with clients here, its an area where they are counting on and promising revenue growth. Herrick's statement in press release emphasizes focus on "marketing, business operations, and technology." Note that "marketing" came first. Word is that that other marketing talent may follow whelan out the door since his departure is maybe nail in the coffin of PGI integration. Very little in the way of sustainable competitive advantage going on in the company. Are they trying to be an ad agency? Can anyone explain what the real plan is? Is Herrick's job to package for sale? If so, sooner, better than later is my guess. Integration of SAP competency not seen to be going well.

    • Usually the old CFO steps out in cases like this as did this one. Alan will need the new CFO and Roy to be sucessful. Only material impact is likely to be tax. The clean house will make this business attractive to suitors, for sure. Roy is the best of the bunch, hope he hangs in there.

    • got_screwed_by_internet got_screwed_by_internet Oct 17, 2006 10:40 PM Flag

      did someone ring?

      1) i think alan can run the company but it isn't a sure thing. he was one of jerry's prodigys and thinks in a similar manner. will he be able to adapt SAPE and figure out why the company has been floundering? remains to be seen. change may be a good thing at the moment, although i think the reasons for the change are disappointing - both that they happened and that people are making such a big deal of this.

      2) sheeroy remains quiet. i wonder if he will be implicated in all of this. i tend to doubt it because the last thing they want to do is to trickle this information out.

      3) stu may not have been involved. he remained on the board of directors which appear to me to be because he was not implicated

      4) turnover this quarter i would imagine has not gone down. probably going to be consistent with the last quarter. may even see a spike of employees leaving in the Q4 and Q1-07.

      5) i don't think that this changes their message to buyers. i still think their value proposition is rather weak and their execution is weak.

      i do agree with blue that these are events that happened in the past. with many of the other companies dealing with this type of thing, i personally think that it is a witch hunt. it IS legal to backdate options, remember... it is just that you have to disclose it. i'm willing to bet that during those years, even if they disclosed it, people wouldn't even care or even remember reading that. Did anyone notice Bruce Parker's compensation package and severance package? if you don't know what i'm talking about, that is a prime example...

      i have certainly been critical of the execution of SAPE and it's leadership team. have a little respect. jerry, stu and roy were good enough to get this company worth billions, and, for a time, be billionares themselves. gotta respect that. all you people who were the victim of a sape aqusition... get over it. whether you were from studio.. xor... elabs... that gaming / learning company in austin... being aquired probably prolonged your company's existance...

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      • appearance_of_performance appearance_of_performance Oct 18, 2006 11:52 AM Flag

        GotScrewed- you seem agitated in your last paragraph. I've always enjoyed your insights on this board, but am wondering why you're going out of your way to defend the inner circle -citing respect and old acquisitions? What does that have to do with the present mess?

      • AH is the guy to run the company up to a buyout, but not the guy to run the company back to greatness. He's a salesman, not a leader. He'll jack up the near term billings, but won't be able to come up with anything new in terms of offerings or business model.

        No IP, India is now a commodity at best and a drag on quality at worst, high turnover, low morale, nothing to differentiate except a few scattered individuals, and now the options mess. Would you buy business critical dev work from that trainwreck??

        Kind of funny that they guy that never got options had to bail, while the guy that probably benefited most from options is now in charge. Don't think too long on that, it will make your brain pop.

    • Dear Colleagues
      Yet another low. At this point in time there arent too many more shoes to drop. Only regret I have is that Jeff Cunningham was not named CEO instead of "just" chairman of the board. No doubt there would be a conflict with his many directorships and magazine holdings. So the co-chairs, CFO and countless others are common thugs who probably stole from the collection box/blind man's tin cup as kids. What a surprise! Company I once so admired is gone. See you in church as they say . . .
      Regards to all kind colleagues and followers
      Uncle Han

    • I think they can. It just depends on how the market reacts to the restatment and current earnings. People may not think too hard of earnings from 5-7 years ago and look forward to the future. If sape reports 105M+ in Q3 it may rebound to 5.50?

      Im considering selling Calls and buying Puts.. in case some downgrades come out of the woodworks. Considering how the stock fared in the last 5 years i cant think option pricing has had an effect recently.. IMO.