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  • bardonow bardonow Jan 14, 2007 12:11 AM Flag

    Motley Fool Pinging on SAPE

    What's with that? Why not pick on AMD or VOLT or someone big, why focus no less than THREE highly negative articles on poor little SAPE in the space of TWO days, carefully timed to coincide with the earnings prelim? This is unprofessional and spiteful. I think some FOOL has a major short position or, more likely, is doing the bidding of someone who does. Notice also how, when they do their 'historical retrospectives' on the 2000-2002 crash they always include SAPE as an example of a 'stock that lost 95% of its value!'

    These punks act as if they are the People's Choice but I submit they are as big a slimeballs as any on WS. If they are reading this, I invite them to piss up a rope.