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  • kidderpbdy666 kidderpbdy666 Oct 29, 2007 9:23 AM Flag

    So? What's It Gonna Be???

    Another mixed earnings call? Always fair to good news coupled with bad news. Can Herrick pull it out and make this company a unique player against ACN and the others that are BLOWING it out of the market? How about the internal cost cuts? It has been a long time and we have not seen any results. What's it gonna take?

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    • Sounded like all pretty good news from here!

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      • some good and some not so good:

        1) in line with expectations on the earnings front - tells me that costs probably have gone up faster than they had anticipated. rev. was higher than expected but they only met expectations. the probably was due to the currency flux that they didn't (and most companies couldn't have) anticipate.

        2) increase in cash position. generated 38MM in cash to end the quarter with 147MM in cash. not bad.

        3) despite buying back 600k shares, the number of outstanding shares continues to increase. the buyback is not happing at a rate that is at least equiv of the number of shares that are being created. this is somewhat disappointing because with the sr. mgmt just being put into place, we clearly see that the salaries of this management team are bloated - probably 400k+ for each of them. in an offshore based model, this is a big deal. but to add to that, the number of shares that have been issues + the number of options that were probably granted, i believe that they will actually get pressure on the EPS due to this constant increase.

        4) high level look at their financials, it appears a bit more professional and a good start to ensuring that the balance sheet is clean.

    • got_screwed_by_internet got_screwed_by_internet Oct 30, 2007 12:16 PM Flag

      i think it will be a good quarter. i think it BETTER be a good quarter. a large percentage of work is outside of the US. with the declining dollar, they should certainly make their numbers and get an extra kick.

      noticed that they rebranded slightly their website. personally, i think the message is terrible. the sapient way.. my first thought - how arrogant. perhaps that is what they were going for but i view it as such the turnoff. then again, i doubt that they gain too much business from their website.