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  • smart_doggy_dog smart_doggy_dog Dec 8, 2007 3:27 PM Flag

    Sell the recipe for the special sauce..

    Selling the methodology is a bold move.. I am not sure the revenue model for it.. probably training and access to the SW tools.. will it cannibalize the other delivery services sales?

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.. Sapient's special sauce has been the methodology & culture.. I dont know that you can seperate them..

    The methodology wars are over.. there are about 12 of them to use depending on the project & client. I am unclear what you get here.. still Sapient could sell a ton of this stuff if marketed well.

    I am on the fence.. if I was cynical I'd say that this is Jerry's push to goose short term revenue to support his ongoing daily stock sale. But it could be an Andy Grove kind of push to compete with yourself before someone else does.

    good luck guys!

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    • I think it's a sign that Alan (not Jerry - he's only a "consultant" these days) is looking for ways to grow the company beyond the billable hour - this, BridgeTrack, etc. - all ways of moving beyond just consulting. The proof is going to be in the execution - who buys this stuff, and how does it work out in the real world without the Sapient wizards to manage it.