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    • Agree with this post. I also wonder why Sapient has been the aknowledged leader in non-"Big 3" IT/Internet services for over eight years now, yet has done practically nothing to expand on its position or even make itself an attractive takeover target.

      I've talked to a few former employees of the company - from what I've heard senior management just does not know how to grow a business. The top dogs appear to be cashing out while there's still something left.

    • This should be of concern.. just because they say that they have a reason for selling doesnt mean that this is a good thing for shareholders. Additional float does not help investors.. just keeps putting downward pressure on the stock price.. and these guys have enough stock to continue this daily "smack down" for years to come...

      Also, remember that these guys both have direct access to current internal financial/performance information. Stu is on the board, and Jerry is a sales consultant so he has visibility into qualifications and pipeline.. what more could you need?

    • got_screwed_by_internet got_screwed_by_internet Mar 23, 2008 11:51 PM Flag

      that doesn't concern me. those founders are fine with taking their money and run - they're fairly irrelevant at this point.

      what concerns me is that the new management continues to line thier own pockets. get this from the latest filing:

      "Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Dr. Oversohl will receive an annual base salary of 240,000 (euro), retroactive to July 1, 2007, and will also be eligible for an annual bonus/performance incentive, with a minimum target amount of 150,000 (euro) for FY2007 and 165,000 (euro) for each of FY2008 and FY2009. Dr. Oversohl's bonuses shall be earned, accrued and/or paid in accordance with the Company's bonus plan then in effect for Managing Directors and/or Vice Presidents.

      Under the Agreement, Dr. Oversohl is also granted 40,000 restricted stock units ("RSUs") of the Company's common stock. The RSUs are subject to time-based vesting over three (3) years, beginning August 1, 2007 (the "Vest Commencement Date"). Thirty-Three Percent (33%) of the RSUs will vest on February 1, 2009 (eighteen (18) months following the Vest Commencement Date), and Sixty-Seven Percent (67%) of the RSUs will vest on August 1, 2010 (the third anniversary of the Vest Commencement Date), so long as Dr. Oversohl is still employed on the applicable vest date.

      Additionally, under the Agreement, the Company shall contribute a premium of 20,000 (euro) per annum to a pension scheme for the benefit of Dr. Oversohl. Further, in lieu of Dr. Oversohl being provided a Company car, he shall receive an additional monthly payment of 1,200 (euro), retroactive to July 1, 2007, payable in accordance with Sapient Germany's normal payroll schedule. "

      terrible for the shareholders. just another fat cat lining thier own pockets. $585k minimum compensation for the year. add this to the list...