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  • nikolai_the_cat nikolai_the_cat Aug 20, 2008 11:40 AM Flag


    Greenberg and Moore are so cheap they want to dollar cost average out of their holdings.

    One word you f cking morons,

    10 B 5 1 Plan:

    Look it up and you will know what I am talking about.

    SG&A is still ridiculously out of control at Sapient, it looks like more a 1/2 month long short squeeze.

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    • The reason why I don't like Sapient is because I have never seen a company so full of itself that hasn't traded over 10.00 or 1.5 B in Market Cap in 9 years.

      They think they are the greatest company ever meanwhile the market has a much different take and Sapient doesn't even realize it.

      There are reasons why Goldman keeps downgrading the stock.

      If Sapient is such an intelligent firm of deep thinkers, then why didn't any one do their homework and realize what a 10B 51 plan is.

      Meanwhile Greenberg and Moore created insider selling every day in SAPE when an idiot Financial adviors with a double digit IQ could tell to get a 10B 51 plan to cover those insider sells.

      I have never seen a former disgraced founder with a large equity position be so cheap that they need to sell shares every day and if they needed to do so, be so cheap not to invest in a 10 B 51 plan.

      If Sapient wants to play with the big boys, they should start acting like one.

      Yes, I don't like the company but it has nothing to do with personal reasons.

      I like companies to manage expectations in reality and this company believes it is the Best in everything possible besides the only thing that matters which is creating shareholder value and that is something even the most delusional person couldn't argue Sapient has done.

    • Now stock is better giving up gains.

      Sapient's is a small fish, that benefit slightly for the increase in commodity trading that trick is done and the stock is at 52 lows already.

      Sapient spends SG&A money like a drunken sailor and probably is a dinosaur.

      Sapient believes they are so great because of the studies that business schools publish about them, however,

      they aren't worth 600 M and they are history, so I am glad the b schools love you but the market hates you for a reason.

      Thanks once again, It was a pleasure here.