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  • nikolai_the_cat nikolai_the_cat Nov 10, 2008 12:30 PM Flag

    40 M in SG&A per quarter/ 30M in Cash Flow

    I mean seriously Sapient spends more in Selling General and Administrative which basically means how much does the company suck away for the owners on the company, the shareholders.

    For such a great company, I can tell you one thing with certainity,

    they love to fleece their shareholders,

    they spend 3.0 M dollars per week at Sapient

    160 M in SG&A (annually)

    which is ridiculous for amount of revenue coming in the door.

    Institutions absolutely hate when companies they own fleece them with outrageous spending habits and executive comp

    Sapient Spends 160,000,000 M a year on SG&A

    which works out to be 25,000 dollars per year per employee

    that is outrageous.

    Look at their Competitors at CSC

    They spend 900,000,000 M in SG&A but they have 88,000 employees

    which comes out to be 10,000k per employee per year

    For every dollar CSC spends per employee, Sapient spends 2.50

    Now, you see why Sapient is only worth 600 M in Market cap

    CSC and SAPE are in the identical business, just one company spends like a drunken sailor and the other does not.

    Sapient is such a great place, I guess, except if you are shareholder and all my interactions with Sapient are hilarious, they are so full of themselves. It almost makes us laugh as soon as they walk out the door.

    Last quarter they generated 30 M in Cash flow and spent their usual 40 per Q.

    How do these guys think they are kidding.

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