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  • consult_overview consult_overview Jun 11, 1999 6:11 AM Flag

    Culture & Comment from former employee

    I worked for Sapient for a bit over one year. I
    have to agree the people make it what it is. There is
    leadership throughout the company and focus on delivering
    for the client. I was very impressed with both their
    commitment to the client and professionalism of everyone

    Sure they have some growing pains, but the caliber of
    folks, education, morals, etceteras will ensure that
    SAPE continues to grow at a very strong rate. You tell
    me how many companies can sustain the growth rate
    and success that Sapient has.

    Over the long
    run, Sapient will continue to be quite successful and

    Now you may ask, why am I an ex-employee. Answer: The
    hours. I have a family and wish to spend more time with
    them. Sapient is a company for folks who wish to spend
    80+ hours/week delivering to the client. I share the
    same drive and passion, however only for 50 hours per
    week. My family is my number one obligation.

    True, there are many jr. folks at SAPE, but they
    possess strong leadership skills. Those at the helm are
    very intelligent and have 15-30 years of industry
    experience. They focus on growing replacements within, and
    with the caliber of folks, it will be

    They just need to focus on folks who are put their
    career first and their personal/family life second.
    There are plenty of intelligent folks out there who
    want this type of life style.

    I still feel very
    strongly they will succeed. Intelligence + career
    commitment + customer focused delivery and a proven IT
    methodology = success.

    Please don't get me wrong. For
    me, long hours are > 50/week. I don't believe SAPE
    is any different than other high tec or successful
    companies. Folks at Goldman, Merrill, CTP, Andersen
    etceteras, also work 50-90 hours per week. That is their
    culture and there are plenty of folks to feed that

    For myself, 50 is my goal.

    To put the "slave
    driver" label on SAPE is not appropriate or fair. Those
    who enjoy working those hours are a great fit and
    SAPE will continue to attract those folks. Those who
    don't want those hours will find other

    If I could work at SAPE for 50 hrs/week, I would be
    back in a moments notice. I loved the culture and
    people, strong team work with a strong client focus.

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