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  • grege5 grege5 Feb 18, 2000 11:54 AM Flag

    sape rape?


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    • at the factory. Hey, did you correct the y2k bugs in that energy app that's 3 years past delivery? I had a feeling the client revised the launch date to 3/00 for a reason.

    • Good move. I also bought at these levels. Sinister and software are just a-holes - don't pay attention. Sape is very involved with very advanced technologies.......

    • with my SAPE investment... NOT!
      Hahahhahahhahahahhahahaha. I guess that I should just do the opposite of
      what Software guy and sinister say, eh? RTQ 75 1/16 -
      I'm up 5 pts in 2 days...

      Good advice guys...

      - Whisler

    • sinisters & software gay, both of you are the
      biggest liars and don't know s$#t about
      investments/markets. Investing should be taken away from clowns like
      the both of you. Give it up, speculators and

    • Where are all these doomsday guys coming from?
      They are spreading like cockroaches. Sure, Softy got
      lucky as hell with his annoying predictions of "68 in
      six days". Now we have knuckleheads predicting the
      30's. I guess we better listen to their messages of
      "sell it now" -after all they know everything, right? I
      think it was Shakespeare who also once wrote, " Yeah,
      when monkeys fly out of my butt."

    • Some think that these prices are too high; I'm
      not one of them. Bought more today at 67 3/4.
      will, however, be the first one to say that it's very
      dangerous to catch a falling knife.

      RTQ = 70

      - Whisler

    • I never thought that I can buy SAPE at these
      prices. Who ever did this for whatever reason, thank you
      thank you.

      There is a good article at, how and why companies like SAPE will be winners
      in the coming years. You better read it.

    • But the truth is, sinister, that when it really
      comes down to it, you have no idea why the stock price
      is down and neither does anyone else on this board.
      It could be the gap between perception and reality,
      as you say, but it also could be rate jitters,
      slowdown fears or just general sector woes (which are
      nailing every player in this sector right now). So what
      does this mean? Who the hell knows? Maybe you're
      right, but maybe not. Nobody can realistically give any
      more credence to your posts, even if you are an
      ex-client, than they can to any of the other people on this
      board, including employees.

      Maybe you had a bad
      experience on your project. So what? Does that mean the
      company's "inner workings" are poor? If the "inner
      workings" are truly brining the price down, then why did
      they go up in the first place? That's what the
      analysts and the rest of the market have loved for years.
      They have not changed significantly in the last 2
      months, nor have they shifted so dramatically over the
      last few years of steadily rising earnings to alter
      the public's perceptions. In most cases, the public
      is removed from the inner workings of a company.
      That's just the nature of things. so why should they all
      of a sudden by the driving force behind the stock
      drop? I'm sorry, but I don't buy that. What I do
      believe is that the stock was seriously overinflated
      above $75/share, and the market continues to punish
      SAPE for not exceeding earnings. Other than that, not
      much has changed. Still have strong revenue growth,
      solid management team, a long and distinguished client
      roster, a well known brand and good retention. What else
      is there?

    • To provide information, industry comparisons, and
      management insight into the long-term prospects for SAPE.
      Actually, an ex-client of SAPE, and have been astounded at
      how removed the public posture of SAPE is from the
      inner workings of the company. Public posture is what
      inflated the price, the inner workings that fuel the
      quality, timeliness, and cost of the solutions being
      delivered, are what is bringing the price down.

      take it for what it's worth and evaluate your
      investments accordingly. As for those who blast back at my
      posts, well, to coin a phase, me thinks they doth
      protest too much.

    • I never claimed to make thousands in seconds -
      not the way I invest. Never said I was a fanatical
      LONG either. This li'l dip will simply allow me to
      average down. I'm not levereraged hard into SAPE, but
      IMO, there's plenty of upside. The bulk of my money's
      is CLS, MMCN, & APDT. Yeah, RTQ 67 3/4 for SAPE...
      averaging down now.

      Don't assume what you don't

      Good luck.

      - Whisler

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