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  • sinisters_purpose sinisters_purpose Mar 8, 2000 8:25 AM Flag

    A client perspective (reprise II)...

    From a client at Sapient.
    If you take the time
    to understand then you take way too long and are
    reprimanded, if you choose to just slam out code then the bugs
    introduced are beyond count (I cannot bring myself to do
    this). Of course I guess this is ok because the
    iterative process is another one of their gods. I certainly
    agree that all development is iterative and it should
    be but recognizing it and relying on it are two
    different things. Sapient will declare slammed together
    code "done" under the name of iteration when the code
    is in a bastard state without form, standards, or
    consistency, it also still lacks thourough design, or complete
    testing. But hey one scenario works and you can press the
    buttons that will be used 80% of the time! But don't you
    worry - when user testing starts we'll test the code
    then and fix the bugs then too. If they would have at
    least made an attempt to "do it right the first time"
    (though we all know one most assuredly will need to go
    back to do stuff) at least the bulk of it is done and
    done correctly.

    Another thing is I have never
    seen such poor resource management. I have seen them
    shuffle people that were novices into expert and lead
    roles and then when they get into a little trouble they
    scurry around looking for an expert to bail them out. If
    they would just take a little time to plan things

    The training here (though some comments I read were
    saying this is great) it is if you count being thrown in
    with little help (except for a few their leads and
    architects have their favorites and God forbid if you're not
    one of them) and not having the time to go to the
    proper classes or even the time to research

    But then again that shouldn't matter you
    should be cookie cutting right? Also if it takes you the
    least bit more time to learn you nothing but a
    worthless $%!? and why don't you get a job for the big 6. I
    know several here that are tired and looking for a job
    that they can have a life away from work and I can't
    blame them.

    One last comment, I really don't
    think Sapient has any respect for people. They mistreat
    their own and they mistreat anyone else that doesn't
    fit into their little process. If you can't be
    Sapientized you're no good. It doesn't even really matter if
    you're one of the clients - unless you're the one that
    holds the purse strings. I can't hardly wait until this
    project is over (seems like an eternity from now) so I
    can leave them behind too and as a client when I get
    into the position at my company my goal is to try to
    get Sapient out of all our future projects.

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