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  • seminole22us seminole22us Jan 16, 2001 7:26 PM Flag


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    • "if anyone thinks they can affect the stock price of a 10MM share corporation by posting positive or negative comments on a company, then they're delusional."

      That's our guy!

    • according to IYC about JBD...

      "He believes that if he somehow can help bring SAPE down, then perhaps investors will pause and reflect and find value in CATP as an investment, bringing the stock up and helping him cut some or all of his CATP losses. "

      if anyone thinks they can affect the stock price of a 10MM share corporation by posting positive or negative comments on a company, then they're delusional.

    • Mr./Ms. "IYANKCHAINS":

      You state in a very recent posting: "[JBD] believes that if he somehow can help bring SAPE down, then perhaps investors will pause and reflect and find value in CATP as an investment, bringing the stock up and helping him cut some or all of his CATP losses."

      That's quite an interesting statement to make. One that, I believe, both the FBI and the SEC would like to look into.

    • This is for CATP_WATCH001 in response to

      All others please excuse the disruption, and watch for CATP_WATCH's upcoming response, as it is bound to be most entertaining.

      I post this message in the interest of free and fair, though intelligent and courteous, discourse.


      I for one do think you are full of it. You really have no business on this board, do you? Are you an investor?

      And you actually have no business in the CATP board either, do you? Well, in your new persona you claim to be a CATP employee (an employee who bashes the company, if true, since you are so smart and know so much, why do you not just quit and move on to a company really worth your talent? Do you think they may hire you at SAPE?)

      Do you remember how (when you went by the Susan_Malice moniker) they run you off the CATP board?. Yes you do. You obviously still have not gotten over it.

      Do you know why they may have done that?

      Maybe your careless trumpeting of detrimental rumor and hearsay as "factual" info about Cambridge, and your virtual harrassment of johnny_bdog and other CATP posters had something to do with that.

      Well, on the plus side you seem to have learned that it does not pay to promote rumor as fact. But, please, cool it with the insults.

      And you talk about inane rantings and ravings? Please, look at yourself in the mirror, lady.

      How about that inane ranting of yours about the rich arab to buy and consolidate struggling eConsultancies to create a behemoth capable of competing with IBM and Accenture?

      How about all those arguably mad ravings about the "rabid dog"?

      Why is it, really, that only your messages (not JBD's or other real INVESTORS') get deleted and your Yahoo! ids discontinued? Please do not reply with the conspiracy theories and do not resort to name calling.

      Listen Susan, give it up! What is YOUR motivation? JBD maybe full of shit but at least he has put money on the line, on CATP and on SAPE. Have you? I repeat, what is YOUR motivation? Nothing better to do?

      That is it for you, CATP_WATCH, or susan_malice, or whatever other name you go by. Have a good day and remember, no name calling or other insults.

      Regarding JBD's presence and stance on this board, my theory follows.

      JBD is admittedly (CATP board) heavily invested and has a huge loss on CATP, and has made predictions (CATP board) that valuations in the eConsultancy sector would not reach bottom until SAPE reaches its bottom.

      He believes that if he somehow can help bring SAPE down, then perhaps investors will pause and reflect and find value in CATP as an investment, bringing the stock up and helping him cut some or all of his CATP losses.

      In the interest of free and fair, though intelligent and courteous, discourse....


    • Cap'n, sounds reasonable to me. JBD definitely has a huge axe to grind with SAPE.

    • i definitely see the possibility, captain.

      i was perusing the proxicom board earlier in the week and noticed two posts sticking out like sore thumbs. they were CATP rah-rah posts. but not by JBD. but i'm thinking it was him just the same...

      another weird thing is catp_watch... for a while i thought they might be the same person (jbd and catp_watch), just creating some sort of controversy on the sape board (saboteurs!). but i don't know... they both have this strange tenacity to CATP, but they're circling the SAPE board... odd.

      i just don't see why people find it necessary to trash companies on their respective boards. there are plenty of eservices firms that i can't stand, but i'm not posting vileness there. it just upsets people unnecessarily...

      for the record, i don't care who's short and who's long. the *fact* is, as of right now, those who went long when the skeptics went short, are up.

    • Captain, very interesting hypothesis, indeed. I believe you are correct, if not in whole, certainly in part. I might add that your logic is well presented!

    • Captain_Pragmatism:

      I just read your posting. DAMN!! DAMN!! It hit me right in the solar plexus. Your statements (or,more like suspicions) ring as true and as insightful as the Gospels of the Apostles.

      If anyone thinks that I or Captain_Pragmatism is full of it, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you go to the CATP Message Board and track all of Johnny_BDog's inane rantings and ravings. You might well start from Posting # 6000 or so and work your way up to today. It won't take long, as all of the postings sound like a repeat of each other.......saliva filled with rabies virus spraying off of each and every posting.

      I've come to the conclusion that the anonymity that the web affords us is misplaced. Every day, these Yahoo! Message Boards get hijacked by spammers for investment websites and also by the likes of Johnny_BDumbAss......maybe (and maybe this will happen in the future) we will all have to sign in AS OUR REAL SELVES in order to be able to engage in Internet chatting, posting, etc. Given all of the abuse that numbnuts like "the 'Dog" have heaped on these Message Boards, this may very well come to pass, mark my words.

      Back to JBD: My feeling is that he is definitely a CATP (actually, now a FORMER CATP) shareholder......he's literally VANISHED from the CATP Message Board.....and I also believe that, if he's not a Yahoo! employee, then he has Yahoo! connections. Why do I say this? Those who disagreed with him soon found their Yahoo! UserIDs either temporarily suspended or terminated. Yet he himself, with all his ranting and raving and stalking of the CTP CEO, Jack Messman, remained UNSCATHED.

      It's plain to all who can see that Cambridge is dead in the water UNLESS the Board of Directors takes things in hand OR UNTIL some super-rich investor comes in and takes them over. Right now, the IT Consulting industry's biggest problem (besides having inept and incompetent managers) is the OVERCAPACITY of the industry. Until THAT issue is addressed, stock prices could fall EVEN FURTHER THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE.

    • I don't care too much about the contrived drama of JBD and the shorts versus everybody else on the board, but thought I'd share a hunch I have...

      I think this "dmgreenz" fellow is none other than your beloved JBD. He started posting much more frequently (arguably JBD-frequently) right after you began confronting JBD with his CATP posts and accused him of being a hypocrite, etc. The tone and style of the two handles' posts are similar if not identical, as well.

      Lastly, I would like to share with you my theory on who JBD and, by extension based on the above supposition, DMGreenz, is:

      The guy was boosting CATP. I think he is/was a CATP employee and/or a shareholder. Either way, at one time that holding represented serious paper wealth to him. He spent time spending his unsecured gains in his heads for hours and hours while slaving away at his icky (probably CATP job), postponing his own happiness until his options vested or the stock hit his magic number. So, one way or another, during the ascendancy - and slide - of CATP, he gets greedy.

      And the bottom falls out. Kaboom. All of his dreams of a better life are gone. Who does he blame? What can he do?

      Well, I would look to the riders of the paradigm shift - the new breed eclipsing CATP from the spotlight. I would blame - or at least loathe - them. We all know whom public and analyst consensus has named king of the new breed - SAPE.

      If he did indeed work at CATP he may very well have known the young Jerry Greenberg and Stuart Moore, perhaps they were both contemporaries and coworkers right around 1990. That being a possibility, imagine seeing a brilliant, articulate, better-with-the-ladies and not-at-all-passive proto-alpha-male like Jerry Greenberg go from being a biz dev guy at your firm to the CEO of the hot shot firm that supplants your employer as the darling of the IT professional services world and which continues to evolve and ride the very same waves - and market trends - that are drowning your retirement cache!

      The only reason I like my theory better than the ex-SAPE employee theory is because of the revelation that the same guy who was trashing SAPE was hyping CATP, a firm whose capabilities, corporate culture and plain old organizational viability is so obviously antiquated and uncompetitive. On the SAPE board he attacked the firm by simply trying to dismiss the professional services business model while he hyped the most (now) pathetic adherent to that business model.

      Those are my thoughts. My goal is not to become a long-term combatant in this farcical saga. I just wanted to share my thoughts because as someone who monitors this board and has a position in SAPE - not saying if I'm long or short at this time - I think I have time to develop my observations and want the most vehement bashers and boosters exposed the minute they get obsessive or intellectually dishonest.

      Wear your motiviations on your sleeve and I will tend to trust your thoughts a lot more.

      Anyone agree/disagree with my theory?

    • it's a small industry, and I know it reasonably well. Competitors also have top talent, whether you chose to admit it or not. Sapient has bright employees, no doubt. But, they are not substantially brighter than those at the competition. And, most people in this business with real experience have usually worked at more than one i-builder. the talent pool is pretty small.

      I question that $4m miss. If you ask me, i think it took some work to get to that figure. maybe one time gains or front loading of the books. nothing illegal, just less agressive accounting than I'd like to see.

      oh, and as for the keep it to yourself opinion - please explain that to me. are you saying that I shouldn't use the board to discuss the stock? I'm confused.

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