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  • cpgone cpgone Feb 20, 2009 7:52 AM Flag

    Would You Join Santelli's "Chicago Tea Party?"


    Would You Join Santelli's "Chicago Tea Party?"

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    • <<<Some of the largest corporations pay NO taxes whatsoever. >>>

      Which ones?

    • <<<The GOP has controlled Congress 12 out of the last 16 and six out of the last 8.>>>

      And 0 of the last 2...

      The problem isn't R vs D. I think only about 10% of the R's in DC are worth a bucket of warm spit, of course that is better than the 2-5% of D's...

      The problem is one of statism vs individual freedom. The D's have always been statists, but now the R's have allowed their party to be perverted as well. There is no major party actively promoting individual freedom in this country. Freedom to succeed as well as freedom to fail.

      The problem is that the constitution has been ignored and the USA has allowed a class of political hacks to fester and gain power in DC. Almost everyone of these idiots is completely out of touch with reality, never having run a business or held a job outside of politics.

      Thus proving that "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

      As we allow the Federal government to take on a larger slice of our economy more of these megalomaniacs will be drawn to DC like flies to honey...

    • <<<problem is that under the present capitalist system, the disparity in incomes between executives and workers is too great;>>>

      True, you are correct; capitalism does encourage "disparity".

      For instance, in North Korea and Cuba the disparities are very small, unfortunately nobody has anything.

      The same was true of east bloc and USSR when I spent time there in the 1980's. The worker's paradise was not a pleasant place to live.

    • Dran:
      Let's try to be neutral about the media coverage. Ask yourself why the NY times felt it necessary to do a hatchet job on McCain right before the election. And now they settle out of court months later and can't even recall why they did the story to begin with ("We never accused Se. McCain of having an affair. He just spent an inordinate amont of time with this lobbyist.") Say what?
      The day the NY Times files for bankruptcy will be a great day indeed. I intend to "dance on their grave". You have to admit that at least McCain did what he said he would do on accepting public money. That weasel Obama first said no then changed it to yes. The Dems control everything and are ruining this country. Open your eyes, Man!!!!!!!!!!!


    • The Republican Party had a huge advantage in campaign fund raising until McCain screwed it up doing penance for allowing himself to be influence by Charles H. Keating, Jr.

    • You are the one blind to the facts because you don't want to face the truth. I'm not a repub., but fanny & freddy contributed very highly to Dodd, Schumer, O'Bama and others. They were the top 3. These are the facts. Don't care to believe them than you are no different than those in Washington looking out for their own interest under the descise of "public service". Wake up and stop being so partison!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm an independent voter so I don't follow a party. Spin it is you will, but standing and watching a cake bake and doing nothing is ,when you are involved by association, as bad as baking the cake. If all the finger pointing would stop and each party would accept their fair share of the blame, maybe bi-partison fixes would become a reality.
      Until then, it is politics as usual, at our expense.

    • The reduce Corporate Taxes mantra is a joke. Do some research. The effective Corporate Tax rate in the U.S. (due to multiple exclusions/exemptions etc) is one of the lowest in the world. Some of the largest corporations pay NO taxes whatsoever.

    • I get a charge out of the "both parties caused these problems" as you know immediately you are talking to a self described conservative Republican.

      Lets face some facts here.
      -- The GOP has held the Executive Branch 20 of the last 28 years
      -- The GOP has controlled Congress 12 out of the last 16 and six out of the last 8.
      -- Banking policy changes came mainly out of Phil Gramm's committee, which Clinton unfortunately signed. The only opposition at all, to have Glass-Steagal overturned came from Democrats.
      -- CRA loans, those cited as causing this meltdown by Fox News watchers are no more than 25 % of the problem. The Option Arm loans and interest only vehicles were banking creations.
      -- Nationalization of the banking sector has already occurred. The event happened in October when Paulson dragged their sorry asses into Washington and forced them to sign on.

      The Democrats have some culpability but I would liken it more to watching a cake bake. They did some of the watching, but it was the GOP that threw together the ingredients, mixed and stirred and then let the oven catch on fire.

    • If it smells like poop, feels like poop, tastes like poop, you can bet it is poop. Substitute socialism for poop. Call it what it is.

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