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  • pws112 pws112 Mar 16, 2009 1:45 PM Flag

    Jim Cramer - the "Criminal"


    Overstock CEO Calls Jim Cramer a “Criminal.”

    Patrick Byrne Will Be On The Daily Show Tonight 11PM

    Dear Honored Client,

    We take seriously our duty to save you money. We know the current financial crisis is of concern to many of you. If so, you may find this interesting. Otherwise, please just enjoy your shopping.

    In recent weeks, "The Daily Show"'s Jon Stewart has exposed TV personality Jim Cramer as a liar (see these recent clips, 1 2 3). But I think he's worse: I think he's a criminal.

    If that sounds hard to believe, please see this video (which Jim did not expect to reach the public) of Jim Cramer bragging about using the press to manipulate the stock market illegally. For a full analysis of the career of Jim Cramer, please read my essay: "Jim Cramer is a Complicated Man."

    Warren Buffet says that, "If you ever sit down at a poker table and in 15 minutes haven't figured out who the pigeon is, you're the pigeon." Similarly, if you are getting any advice from Jim Cramer or CNBC, you are the pigeon. CNBC is a 24/7 hedge fund infomercial designed to trick you into making bad investments for the benefit of hedge funds. Again, watch the tape of Jim. Then read the critique. Then turn off CNBC.

    Or else, just ignore this message and enjoy your shopping.

    Most respectfully,

    Patrick M. Byrne, PhD

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    • I pity the viewers who never figured out that CNBC is owned by GE, which makes nuclear arms etc. So, they promote war, whatever will earn GE a buck, etc.

      Now Jon Stewart's attention to Cramer is interesting. Yes, Cramer is a wacky entertainer from whom people took financial advice. He is a visible and easy target. And he probably deserves the abuse he is taking.

      But you won't hear Stewart criticizing the bigger criminals -- Greenspan & his successor, Geithner, the current and former heads of Goldman Sachs et al. Nor will Stewart criticize Israel on his infomercial. Yes, Jon Stewart is yet another talking head effective at swaying the viewer to his (and his handlers) way of viewing the world.

    • <<<CNBC's sin is to criticise Obama. That is enough to bring out the goon squad to his defense. >>>

      Bingo. After today, CNBC will be skewered...

    • There are pros and cons to every issue. Gander at this and see what you think of it.

    • Nope. It crosses political boundaries. It seems no one cared what CNBC or Cramer said until they had the gall to criticise the current administration. Television is filled with lemmings for this crowd. Cross them and get the media whammo.

    • "... now pray tell does Stewart not skewer Barney Frank, the chair of said committee who said last summer that everything in banking was hunkey dory.... WHY? Because he is on the `right side'"

      I bet you think that no one in the Federal government with an R behind their name (or the Republicans on Wall Street) have anything to do with this mess.

      You're demented.

    • Check out for the story of how hedge funds managers and media personalities might be helping to drive the market.

      The info on is better than anything coming out of Hollywood. And the scary part is that it might be true. we won't officially know what's going on until our missing-in-action regulators bother to investigate.

    • Cramer is no criminal, he is just a washed up funds manager that can no longer make a living at his chosen profession. Happens to a lot of people in their latter 50's. The sharp edge is missing so you have to adjust.. So Cramer made use of his ability to entertain and Bull$hit people. If he acutally was any good, he would stay home and trade for 1/2 hour a day and get rich without schlepping to work! Think about it!

    • The video is a joke. Literally. Jon Stewart is nothing but a clown. All he lacks is the red nose. And he working on that naturally. So he makes smart ass cracks - very juvenile really, especially if you think he's funny. He's not. He's just a jerk. Anyone can Monday morning quarterback predictions on the stock you know anyone who is always right? Not many saw the debacle coming - save Peter Schiff, an economist who was .... mocked! .... at the time. CNBC's sin is to criticise Obama. That is enough to bring out the goon squad to his defense. CNBC was lied to by the CEOs. but who did know the truth and did nothing --- the Senate Banking Committee --- now pray tell does Stewart not skewer Barney Frank, the chair of said committee who said last summer that everything in banking was hunkey dory.... WHY? Because he is on the `right side'

    • Cramer, CNBC and Rick Santelli are correct about as often as I am. And, I am correct almost as often as Phoenix!

      Watch out for the CNBC plants!! They are out to make you look stupid and take all of your money!

      Obama is the guy. He is a spellbinder. He has some of us fooled.

    • BTW, the original 8.5 minute video is still live in the above link. You better watch it fast before it is taken down.

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