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  • lsuavecito lsuavecito Jul 13, 2009 12:19 PM Flag

    Is a Hoe a Hoe?


    From: Mike Morgan...

    Meredith in the Mud -When Meredith left the Street to strike out on her own, there were two outcomes. One, she would have the freedom to tell the truth, instead of being under pressure to color the truth to maintain relationships. That is what I hoped for.

    Instead, we got the dark side of Meredith. This morning Meredith Whitney official admitted that she cannot make it on her own, and she needs the power and might of the scraps Goldman Sachs will throw her way. Meredith is emulating the former dark Queen of the Homebuilders, Ivy Zelman, before she was booted out of Credit Suisse. Ivy now makes it a practice to suck up to homebuilders that can throw her a few bones.

    Shame on Meredith - Today she prostituted herself in her nauseating glowing remarks about Goldman Sachs. What Meredith failed to point out, was exactly how and where Goldman Sachs is making their money . . . on the backs of pension funds, endowments and other fiduciary money that they are manipulating and front running. I should also mention, Meredith has failed to even hint at the problems facing Goldman Sachs as a going concern.

    If Meredith were truly providing relevant and unbiased information, she'd be talking about the plethora of problems Goldman Sachs is facing as our economy falls deeper and deeper into what will eventually be a violent Depression.

    Liar, Liar - And you gotta love the Dark Queen's comment that she was afraid to tell us how bad things really were. Is she kidding? She had no clue what was going on until after the fact, and she was late to the party. Moreover, she's still late to the party if she thinks unemployment is going to stop at 13% and if she thinks Goldman Sachs can get away with criminal conduct to generate profits.

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    • <<<While stock & bond markets were crashing, gold held up pretty well. >>>

      No complaints here. Now if palladium would only get off its azz...

    • Dead on lsuav. Au has finite limits obviously, and in reality the entire market is not that big.

      "The total reserves are USD$1.25T. This may help put things into perspective when the major countries in the world have been printing trillions recently. The U.S. for example, only has about $240B in gold reserves, which is really very small compared with what is being printed or with the current deficits." Shocked Investor

      Couple of points:

      1. Audit Fort Knox and all American gold. Easiest audit in the world --- it's either there or not.
      2. USA fiscal deficit this ONE year will be approximately $1.8 trillion---all worlds gold reserves = $1.25 trillion. Paper gold market easily manipulated imho.

      Best to all. tsuare

    • <<Wouldn't you think that gold has already had a pretty fair run: $258-$1,030 over the past half dozen years? While stock & bond markets were crashing, gold held up pretty well.>>

      Yes, you are correct, but only the metal has done really well. The stocks have not done nearly as well as one would have assumed, based on the global condition.

    • <<<and if she thinks Goldman Sachs can get away with criminal conduct to generate profits. >>

      *snort*...that is EXACTLY what they are getting away with.

      Bring down the walls of GS and the Federal Government will have much egg on their slimy faces as well.

      • 1 Reply to ch4_tycoon
      • And that Ho was bought out to pump the market and here we are up 150 DOW points.

        Christ, she is better than the perennial Bull Abey Joe Cohen and a hell of a lot prettier. Moved the market all by herself 150 points. What a gal! Now Goldman can bring out Meridith instead of Abey Joe.

        Only in America could this exist without people heading for gallows. What a country!

        Meridith is now designated as Goldman's whore when they need to have someone other than them do their dirty work.

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