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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr Feb 14, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Selling you a bridge

    In the 1920s, the hucksters sold fools Swampland in Florida. There truly is a sucker born every minute. These days, the easy money is following the charts, trends and trading derivatives that follow the trend. Until there is the many ways can the hucksters sell you on false hope, the easy the dotcom boom in 2000....those fools are still down 40% check the NASDAQ Index!!!! A fool and his money are soon parted.

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    • infinitwit: You sound a whole lot like Spindopey, I wonder where he is? wink wink You will pump your cheerleading messages out to the board, one after the other, with the most inane, incomprehensible #$%$ ever, as if the mere sound of your voice will raise the Titanic. Nice try for you too. You seem a brilliant guy, why don't you try to answer the question I posed earlier: If this is such a blowout stock, soon to be a 10-bagger, why do insiders only own less than 3% of it? Your educated, fact-based, rational answer will be much appreciated.

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    • Perhaps the easy money was shorting from 20 to 10 per share...but in the long run, things often balance out and it may be just as easy of money going long from 10 back to 20. can cover, go long, and you can be the wonderous guy who quadrupled his money on a stock as it went from 20 to 10 to 20.

      I'll just keep collecting my dividend for my 6th year and in 2021 when I perhaps need to sell, I'll enjoy having made couple hundred percent profit over the long haul. If nothing else...this report solidifies the company's doing some good things on top of the bad and it's worth seeing what is yet to come.

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      • I don't know which math you're using, but if you've owned this thing for 6 years, you are so far underwater you will never get air. Even with 6 years of dividend payments you have still lost close to $17 per share. Please don't tell us you're happy and content about it. Oh wait, I have it. You're one of those that has bought at the lows and sold at the highs many many times and collected divs along the way, all the way from $28, right? And you're going to make "a couple hundred percent" .... uh huh. Got it. Nice try.

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