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  • ohio_whitebear ohio_whitebear Feb 14, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    Woe is me, woe is me!

    Well, that's it then, that's the ballgame. After steady declines since (pick any datapoint you want), it finally goes up a massive 30 cents on tape painting and stop running (which I predicted before the market open), and the longs have proclaimed victory. So from now on, it's just up, up, up!!!

    Do you thinkers understand that you have not even gained back the losses this POS has had since LAST THURSDAY? LOL You folks are funny. It's the cheapest entertainment in town, coming to the PWE Zoo, free admission and lots of animal acts! Oh well, June is a long way off. I'm sure all you longs will "buy on the dips" and cost average down further, right? Because NOBODY owns this stock until they post that they "bought it last month at the low". Yep. Genuine imitation smart investors here.

    Well, it's been fun, but I must dash now. You boys play nicely, don't start any fights. I'll drop back by when I'm bored again and we'll catch up on status, OK? Since my positions are posted, there's no trouble tracking them. For the amazingly astute longs who buy only on down days and at the bottom, we can only guess how your positions are faring. But it's OK, you just tell us you're making money, we'll believe it. Coz that's the way investing works, you buy higher and watch it go down and then tell everyone that you didn't really buy it higher. Adieu!

    Sentiment: Sell

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