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  • instantwinbutton instantwinbutton Feb 18, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    ultimate face off. Shorts vs longs. POST HERE.

    Name your top 10 reasons the stock is over/undervalued.

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    • The only comment that I would make is - Long term investing does NOT mean in excess off 24 hours.

    • Ownership of PWE is better than most investments including gold. Oil and gas are essential commodities, about as integral to our economies as food. PWE's balance sheet has book equity/debt ratio of 2:1 and gets stronger because noncore assets will be reduced by sales and further reductions in debt. Specifically, $100 million in assets were mentioned for probable sale in the recent conference call. Funds flow is well in excess of the dividend distribution, coverage that is more than adequate despite decline in Edmonton spreads. This will only improve as the oil/gas resources will find their way out of Canada....pipelines being built(again listen to the conference call) even if Keystone isn't built. In addition to my pro PWE argument regarding ability to sustain the dividend, PWE management emphasized its commitment to maintaining it in both its opening and closing remarks in the last quarterly/annual conference.

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      • LOL sugar-coat it all you want, dress it up, put lipstick on it, call a toad a frog, say what you want. The market has disagreed with you, is disagreeing with you, and will continue to disagree with you. You want to use your fantastic imagination to concoct all sorts of niches and grooves and gears that PWE will slip into and become a 3 bagger, but it won't happen no matter how much you pound the table and cry. Temper tantrums do not influence the market. Facts do. Numbers do. History does. You ignore all of them in favor of your wet dreams. If it's so great, if it's such a glorious stock, why do insiders own less than 5% of it? NOBODY HAS ANSWERED THIS QUESTION. Because you can't see the answer. You go right ahead and dream your way to the poorhouse. Oh, I forgot, that will never happen. Because "management" has emphasized its commitment to the shareholders. Yeah. Like they did for the last 5 years with all the div cuts which they promised to maintain. Amazing that you can be fooled so easily.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • What appealed to me most about PWE is that their current resource estimate is likely way below the actual resource pool. This gives PWE great leverage to sell oily assets with marginal effect on their long term growth potential. Once the transportation issues are solved then they can grow their production and profits.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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