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  • dg818 dg818 Mar 4, 2013 12:07 PM Flag


    If Warren Buffett is really the Omaha Oracle re: futures of oil and particularly NG then PWE with any kind of aggressive mgt should be flying high at this point and going higher. So what is wrong? Is the price coming down so it will be an attractive buy? Mgt. get with a better plan.

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    • I watched Buffett this morning and he said he only made an evaluation of the worth of a company when buying and never worried about macro environment #$%$. IMO PWE assets worth twenty dollars and you just have to wait for improving transportation in the coming years to be properly valued. If someone offers $15 tomorrow that is fine with me.

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      • Doublethink, Spindopey. Bubble bubble toil and trouble. Yeah, I bet you'd like someone to offer $15, it's the only way you'll ever extricate yourself from this mess. Same old question though: If it's going to take YEARS (your words) to realize the value of the assets, WHA'T'S THE HURRY TO BUY IT? What are you going to say? Get in early? LOL Rush to catch a falling knife more like it. See ya at 8, Ms. Whitebare. Gosh, Ms. Whitebare, you haven't posted a single article today about something purporting to help PWE. You mised the latest one? Betty Crocker's Double Rich Fudge Brownie with Walnuts mix has been found to be an excellent replacement for drilling mud, and a fraction of the cost. PWE plans to buy Betty Crocker in order to corner the market on the stuff. This is bound to make the Street sit up and take notice now. Watch for that $10 a share bounce coming any time now.

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