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  • lacarbuyer lacarbuyer May 2, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    Good NEWS cramer mad money

    A guy calls in to his show ask what is up with PWE and cramer say,s do not buy it,s canadian company and they use different acconting then USA oil companies talk and to your accountant first. When cramer say,s sell it means it is a STRONG BUY. I remember not long ago he was more or less saying to short game stop stock and it been moving up strong ever since. He seems to be wrong more then he is right.

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    • Cramer misses the boat on PWE. He uses an old fashion growth model when it comes to stock selection. In truth, there is little economic growth happening in the USA and a recent forecast predicts average earnings growth for the S&P at around 3%. And the "growers" are priced accordingly. In this environment, value investing offers more opportunity and in PWE, if one only examines the land, the reserves in a world with a growing population hungry for petroleum and natural gas PWE is clearly a strong buy.

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      • Cramer has made some good calls, and many lousy calls with sell recommendations being great buying opportunities. A few years back I had a medium position in ALCAN & their spin-off . Cramer recommened a buy, and a couple months later a strong sell, which was a bad call, and I would have taken financial losses based on his call. Cramer has a lot of knowledge, however as the saying goes too many chefs spoil the broth. personally I can only put up with his blabbering for a few minutes B4 I change the program.

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    • My guess is some short hedge fund manager stuffed some money into Cramer's secret bank account to poo-poo this stock ... don't even think the SEC or CNBC cares. He's a promoter, pump and dumper, a pimp, a carnival barker, and a barking seal all rolled into one. He's been pounding PWE for some time ... how can you complain about Canadian accounting and then turn around and recommend Chinese stocks ? The guys got no cred ... everybody at CNBC is intimidated by him because he is a Noo Yowker who would rather scream and pound his chest like a chimp in a cage than tell the truth ... a classic manic - depressive who needs at least one shot of thorazine a day .. I can only imagine the drugs he takes to keep himself in a constant delusional sociopathic state-of-mind.

    • Looks like it working again. Want to go broke just listen to cramer. My sept $10 calls are up only up 445% in 91 days! I like to watch the show but found it best to go with your own gut.

    • And this guy recommends China stocks?

      Sure, their accounting practices are much better than the Canadians?

      What a buffoon.

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