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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr May 6, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    Whitebear, Indexes and why I hold value/income investments

    I have mentioned indexes poor performance as one reason I pick value stocks with an income component such as PWE.
    Nasdaq down 30-40% since 2000.
    S&P 500 hit 1600 last week, 13 years after it was at 1500(per Wall St Journal). Dow 30 strongly correlates with S&P500. Most fund managers fail to meet the indexes. Although one could argue that isn't the entire stock market, the NASDAQ is 25% of total market cap; S&P, not sure but those who know a little about statistics will tell you that is a high sample, hence highly correlative. Consequently ,I own about two dozen investments that pay on average about 7%, reinvesting some, spending some.

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    • Other than PWE, what are some of the higher interest stocks you are in?

    • Your logic could be more clearly stated. If your Sherlock then you need a Dr. Watson to restate what you've said in a clear concise fashion. Most importantly, your method of selecting individual investments is left without mention.

    • I guess you're going to beat this dead horse (not Mr. Ed) until it just won't scream anymore, huh Infinitwit? You can keep posting your nonsense about market returns, the numbers are out there for all to see, it's no trouble to look them up and for people to find that you're wrong, as usual. I have a feeling I know what you're TRYING to say, but as I've said, your rather inarticulate and imprecise language skills prevent complete understanding. For someone who is proud to brag about being an MBA (we know what that stands for, don't we) you don't really project that graduate school mastery of either the subject or the language.

      But you keep posting this junk, nobody really cares about it anyway. I certainly won't take up any more time or space arguing with someone who has his own book of facts.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Talk about posting nonsense, how about you bragging about selling naked 8$ calls then in few days having to cover them because of your losses. Then you post about selling 9$ calls naked. All that after management has spoken about improving things.
        Only a complete novice would sell naked calls on a company when they are near all time lows but have much improved outlook. Only a complete novice would sell naked calls on a Canadian oil company when Canadian oil was no longer selling at a huge discount to West Texas oil and oil prices were climbing.
        Why would anyone listen to you when your are bragging about trades that are terrible? Your broker should not let you trade options as you seem to know nothing about them.
        I think that all the names you call people are just what you think about yourself.
        Still waiting for you to post about how much your annualizedd losses are on your naked call that you sold. LOL
        If you can't figure it out, just post how much your charges were and the dates you made the high risk low reward trades and I will figure it out for you.

      • Your whole post is a personal attack..... that's worthless.

      • BOZO...It does matter if you are long or short. Regardless of whatever financial acuity you may or may not have, I've got your number. You are a nasty person. Your posts fester this board. You don't deserve indoor plumbing. Ed

    • "Dolt", "looney", "butthead", moronic", imbecile", "idiot", "obtuse", "delusional", "fool", "lowlife", "POS".......Guess who? Here's........ BOZO-the Bear! Ed

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      • Oh gee, Mr. Ed. I'm happy you finally got a couple of up days, gosh, as hard as you've been spouting off you deserve it. But instead of crowing over a 90 cent gain in 7 days, why not wait for a decent interval before running off at the mouth, you know, to see if it's actually going to hold up. What a short memory you have, fool. We've been through this just recently, perhaps you forgot? Let me remind you: 9.37 up to 11.27? Remember? Then down again.

        Don't count your chickens yet, dumbo. As for the quotes of the tags I've assigned to you and others, those have nothing to do with the stock. They have to do with your personal traits.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • What are your other holdins, if you do not mind sharing. I'm never too proud to copy a good idea.

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      • I've owned long term propane stocks FGP and APU. The latter pays 7%ish and has raised distributions 3-5% annually for many years. FGP yields 10% and has paid it for 18 years. You have to wince at the balance sheet but it is one heckuva franchise(Blue Rhino). Thinking of buying some STB, propane is increasingly being used in schoolbuses, autogas. Only 3 major distributors as two have been taken out in last 18 months. Pipelines: I own ETE(large scale, 7ish %; BX(Blackstone); T, VZ, VE, VNO pfds; CBL pfd D; NRP; Blackrock CEF's: BCF, BDJ, BGR, BCX, BME,BQR, BOE, BUI. These total about $1.2 million.

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