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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr May 8, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

    Benjamin Graham and Whitebear

    I'm in my 60s and am not sure Benjamin Graham is taught anymore in business schools. But Graham was taught to college students in the Junior or Senior years with a presumptive knowledge acquired in accounting and finance. One cannot have a sophisiticated understanding of Graham or finances without having studied the prequesites....i.e. like trying to be a civil enginner without knowledge of calculus, algebra and trig. There are no shortcuts. Whitebear not only hasn't learned any of this, he and many others don't understand the language of business, i.e. accounting. So rant on these boards, sit in your mobile homes, pick out a few charts and trade the derivatives. Shorting high dividend stocks are now in fashion, its the quick way to wealth and fame, the Florida swampland of the 1920s. There are no shortcuts and such things as a quick easy buck.

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    • You ramble and babble don't you. Again you deflect. You claim that according to Graham, you're right! The stock is great! But when SHOWN the evidence, supported with FACTS, you simply go off on a tangent and deflect, hoping nobody will notice your faux pas.

      But of course Mr. Infinitwit, nobody is as smart, as educated, as classy or as perceptive as you. You hold all the cards. You are the boss. You are da man. Schools opened for only one person: you.

      It is quite amusing that you sit around and pump yourself up, and yet the most glaring detriment to your entire argument is that you are so deep underwater here you make a North Sea well look like a hole in a swimming pool. But yeah, collect those great dividends, and continue to lose your investment. I mean who cares, as long as the divvy comes in right? After all, it's a wonderful high dividend stock so it must be perfect.

      And yes, I will continue to short high dividend stocks, if they are good candidates. Somewhere in your vast amount of schooling down at the local porn theater you missed a pretty vital point: Stocks that pay high dividends do so because...why? why class? anyone? Buehler? Because they are higher risk. It is not NOW a fashion, it has ALWAYS been a fashion to short stocks that, upon analysis, will go down. I've played these successfully for 4 years. I've been in and out of this doggy since $27. You on the other hand BOUGHT at those levels and all the way down. You were one of the dolts BUYING FROM ME. I thank you. I will continue to thank you. There just aren't sufficient words in English to describe the depths of your stupidity.

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