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  • mo2936 mo2936 May 10, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

    PWE and Ohio

    Ohio--This little Podunk board is just chop liver for a high-stepper like you. Move on to the Apple ,IBM, or Microsoft board. You are Al Capone stuff!!!

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    • I enjoy Ohio's posts. It takes a lot of zeal and perversion to come here day after day and make post after post. He is partially right about stock increases Their dividend costs went up and there are slightly more shares outstanding. Most of us own this stock as a giant REIT, I don't even expect income to increase until next year.

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      • Perhaps you are the one that should be put on ignore Mr. Cowley. You berate Mr. Whitebear's posts for being "shrill, self-serving, repetative", but offer nothing to dispute his facts. In fact, very few of you longs do. Before you bash me as a short, know this: I am a former long who got out a long time ago - around $18.00. I considered getting back in a few months ago and thanks Ohio_Whitebear have saved myself roughly 20%(thank you, sir). Now I comeback regularly just to watch the circus. It is quite entertaining.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Right or wrong - who cares?" Put him on "ignore". Automatically separate the wheat from the chaffe.
        Every other post is his a shrill ,self-serving, repetative rant . I just do not want to waste my time with BOZO. Ed

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