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  • harrytcpw Oct 22, 2013 5:29 PM Flag



    tell the board your position in PWE an then will have a conversation,, i said 11.15 to 11.25 then to 11.84 an guess what,, i called it very close except for todays halloween drop an washington madness drop,, tell the board what PWE will do an then i will tell the board what i think thats VEY IMPORTANT HERE, if your interested

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    • Harry, you are THE Clown!. Let me/us just say a few things: First, I have already said what my/our position is: NOTHING. Not long, not short, no options. Observing for the moment, and feeding the barnyard critters that infest this board. Second, it would be impossible to have a conversation with a clown that can't string five words together into a coherent, understandable sentence, unless I/we want to devolve into a grunting, screaming, #$%$-scratching moron. I'll pass thanks, one of those is more than enough for this board. And last, when you speak of "aliases" you really do show your backside, given that you've got about three of them. You're like Faux News, stating some irrelevant, untrue tidbit, then bringing one of your "supporters" on to slap you on the back and congratulate you for your "insight" and then another to up thumb THAT comment, so that it cascades down looking like support for you. You, your comments, your "investment advice"....pure sophistry, fantasy, self-induced delusion. A loser is always a loser, nothing can change it.

      Yes, I/we can get on here and post every 20 minutes with a prediction that PWE will do this or that, and eventually, I will get that 10 or 15 cent movement that you are so proud to "have called correctly". Fortunately for the rest of the more sophisticated investors here, they understand what it means to invest, and it does not mean playing a stock for a 15 cent gain. If you want to day trade, why on earth would you play something as benign as PWE? You're such hot stuff, play with the big boys! Get out there and play the double and triple inverse ETF's, make some REAL money!

      Post your rubbish, because nothing can stop you, indeed your mental condition REQUIRES that you do it, in order to convert your self-loathing insecurity into self-hero worship. Go for it. But I suspect that the only audience you are playing to is you, the rest of the folks here have dismissed you, Clown. C'mon Aura, time to go.

    • Here is the thing Harry the Clown, I / We know you have NO credibility on this board as confirmed by the record setting dislikes you are accumulating here. As for "i will tell the board what i think thats VEY IMPORTANT HERE, if your interested", Uh, thanks but not interested, however I/ We are pretty sure that won't stop you from sharing those pearls with your adoring masses. Harry run quick get some help the voices in your head are taking over again and again and again !

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