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  • kalamazookibitzer kalamazookibitzer Nov 8, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    Blair says:


    In my view, if Penn West can execute its stock is likely to recover to levels well in excess of the current price. It was not long ago that Penn West was a $40 stock and while it would be specious to suggest it might return to the $40 range anytime soon, its massive landholdings and sharply focused strategy do suggest it will trend north as it makes progress against its targets, and I will clip a 7% dividend along the way.

    I am long 15,000 Penn West shares.

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    • Like the guy who replied to Blair said - Blair is a paid shill.
      How can anyone with a shred of common sense recommend this flea bitten Dog. That PWE mgt. should have been ousted years ago. The guys with smarts were out of peewee in the 40's, then the 30's. Look at the rotten history for this Junker. It's a garbage can.

    • LOL and how many times has this same thing been said over the last 6 years? Everyone lives in hope that one of these times it will actually be true, but unfortunately, it just doesn't happen with companies that sell assets to pay debt, lower production, and get less money for the product they sell. It's called non-growth. Non-growth, for the unenlightened, is NOT what the market rewards. And if you want to argue this fact, please begin your rant by quoting the annual boe production numbers and then try to make a convincing argument that PWE is a GROWTH company.

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