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  • austinag3 austinag3 Sep 23, 2009 1:57 PM Flag

    Major Dillution By The Company

    I agree the day traders have taken this up.

    But you cannot deny the fact that increasing the number of outstanding shares from 183 million to 500 - 600 million shares in one week without the management officially disclosing the dillution factor and the current number of outstanding shares is deceptive.

    It will cause a lot of people to lose a lot of money once this info is released.

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    • shzit man. this really is scam, reverse split, dillutions over and over and over again and again. how in the hell?

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      • Yes, if you owned the stock before the split you would know.

        The company went from 60-100 million shares outstanding to about 6 billion shares in just a few weeks while lying all the time about not dilluting the stock.

        Every news report that reported the number of shares outstanding was out of date the next day since the BOD was issuing secondary after secondary and selling stock privately at majorly discounted prices to insiders without disclosing the info to the public until long after the fact.

        GENTA IS A MAJOR SCAM. I can tell you so as a major shareholder prior to the split. The BOD and execs are robbers, theives, and liars.