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  • howll1n howll1n Mar 29, 1999 1:31 PM Flag

    bigbucks to small change

    Good numbers but...there is something wrong with
    this company's mngmnt. It needs to enhance it's
    shareholders value. The lagging small cap market doesn't
    explain this stocks poor performance. The cash is there.
    The paltry div. could easily be considerably
    increased. Where is a corporate raider when you need one.
    I'm ready to give it up.

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    • If you want the latest research report on this
      stock take a click

      They have all the past reports too. I don't know about
      you but I always see something important that I
      didn't know about when I skim over the reports. It can
      be helpful in evaluating a stock and its

      Also, here is the link to an invaluable resource for

      You can access quotes for SUP in real time without
      the 15 minute wait of other systems. Why should
      Brokers and big shots have a 15 minute advantage over

      This is a link you'll really be glad you had on days
      when your stocks are trading crazy.

      Take care.

    • Take a look at the 13G's (I think they call 'em).
      Fidelity is a big holder of SUP and they've been cranking
      up the ownership year over year. See some of my
      earlier posts. I think Peter made a bunch of money on
      this one when it was a growth play and is just
      re-visiting it.

      Obviously, he's been way too early.
      Gabelli is buying too. I needed some money, got fed up,
      and sold. I'm a little disgusted that the owner is
      getting fat and happy with a big bonus and salary
      relative to profits, and big option grants too. His
      underlings really get a pretty modest pay.

      SUP is on
      my watch list. I'd like to earn back all the money
      I've lost to SUP some day. Good luck to you.

    • but don't worry it will have some good earnings or other developement and drop like a rock again. I don't know what moves this stock! Play it like a yo-yo.

    • This stock keeps going up after I sold it!!!!!

    • I have also been in this company, a fair bit
      longer than 2 years and, although you can sleep at
      night, you ain't makin any money. I suspect we all hang
      in here for a while longer we may get our reward.
      Seems that things may be starting to turn around in
      terms of interest in the company. This one sure takes
      the patience of Job.

    • SUP netted around 50MM last year, and CEO earned
      about 3.5MM in salary and bonus. Rents his office from
      himself. Awards 60% of the options to himself. Maybe
      that's why the company really doesn't put out for the

      Needed money to fund my IRA's. Figured it was time to
      unload this dog. Too bad, the company has a lot going
      for it.

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      • It seems that the annual report which describes a
        "great" year is just describing the financial benefit to
        the CEO and his cronies. It would seem that from an
        investor's point of view the past few years, and last one
        too, have been only dogs. Sure am glad I have my real
        money in something that is doing a whole lot better.
        This guy ought to retire and stop the drain from the
        til and let the stockholders potentially reap some
        benefit out of their continued, but ill thought out,

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