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  • doctor_eavil doctor_eavil Dec 28, 2011 10:21 AM Flag

    2 Nations heavily in Gold that never saw a BUBBLE BEFORE?

    because they had NO WEALTH in the last gold bubble.

    China and India.

    In the last Gold bubble when it went to $1000
    they had little wealth.

    So billions of Gold owners who have no clue what a gold bubble is. OUCH.

    This Gold bubble is going to pop and gold will down hundreds of dollars in one day. soon.

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    • In India you can buy gold in vending machine, TV ads for gold purchase include a free safe to put it in.

      The ads for gold are just like the ads for mortgages , no money down before the housing collapse. You have to pay to store gold . Gold is like a home that went from $250,000 to $1.9 million meaning it is triple the bubble real estate ever was.
      How does this happen? When nations like India and China have NEVER EXPERIENCED A a bubble in it. Billions of Gold Owners have never experienced a gold bubble popping.

    • No, gold is not and was not in a bubble. Gold can fall to about $1410. That is it! You do not understand what a bubble is. If you did, you would not use gold and bubble in the same sentence. Gold was a bubble waiting to pop in 1980. Even an idiot, with very little investment insight can tell the difference between then and now. You don't even qualify as an idiot. Much lower on the intelligence scale.

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