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    • yahoo didnt like your link...must be porn..hahaha

      the Us economy cannot sustain another katrina..
      I dont think Rita can break a levy in Texas,
      but I think it can mess up the oil, nat gas,
      and generally make a mess in all the southern
      ports ... better reach into my pocket for the
      Rita Hurricane relief...does anybody audit the
      Red Cross as to where this money is going?
      Somehow, I would like to see where it is
      exactly going and spent...I talk to a lot of
      Vets and they say the Red Cross is corruption at its best...the vets tell me to give the money to the salvation army where there are
      honest folks.
      Any comments welcome

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      • Please pull up both of these links in two windows or
        tabs so you can switch back and forth between the two.

        This one is a great sight for hurricane information
        very in depth. Scroll down to the First or Second map
        note the projected trajectory of the Hurricane.

        Now this link will show the location of Crawford TX. Use the zoom on the right to zoom out one level. Compare to the Hurricane path. &searchtab=home&address=&city=crawford&state=tx&zipcode=

        I wonder what Pat Robertson will say about that? You
        think he'll say it is hitting there because God is mad
        that Karl Rove works for George Bush? Not bloody
        likely I'm sure!



        PA last night when I originally posted this it was head deadon to Crawford, TX. May have jogged abit over nite.

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